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Thirty gigantic stadiums belonging to 32 NFL franchises play host to non-stop NFL action throughout the course of the football season. While some have stood the test of time, boasting a history of winning seasons, Hall of Fame players and memories that span generations, others are just getting started. These are the largest NFL stadiums ranked by capacity and square footage.

How many NFL stadiums are there?

There are 30 full-time stadiums across the NFL. You may be thinking, with 32 teams, surely the NFL is a couple of stadiums short? But the New York Jets and New York Giants share Metlife Stadium, which opened in 2010 to replace Giants Stadium, which stood right next door. The two have shared their stadium since 1984, when the Jets moved over from Shea Stadium in Queens.

The other shared space is the brand new structure on the West Coast, SoFi Stadium. The Rams were approved by the NFL in their bid to move from St. Louis to LA, while the Chargers had to negotiate with the Rams, seeking a deal for shared ownership of the soon-to-be-built stadium. The two franchises, along with the Raiders, had all been bidding to become the LA franchise since the mid-90s.

Which NFL stadium can hold the most fans?

The aforementioned SoFi Stadium has the biggest expandable capacity. Its gameday capacity stands at around 70,000, but it can expand to 100,240 at max capacity for major sporting events. That number just beats AT&T Stadium in Arlington Texas, home of the Dallas Cowboys.

The Top 10 Biggest NFL Stadiums ranked by capacity and square footage

10. M&T Bank Stadium - Baltimore Ravens

71,008 capacity, 1.6 million square feet

The Ravens played their first two seasons at Memorial Stadium, formerly of the Baltimore Orioles baseball team. Memorial Stadium had originally broken ground in 1921, and was deemed too old to be a permanent fixture for the franchise, but served as a good interim location for the brand-new Ravens while their new stadium was built.

M&T Bank Stadium cost $220million dollars to complete, equating to $366million dollars in 2021 value. Originally named Ravens Stadium at Camden Yards, the new home field opened on September 6th, 1998. M&T Bank acquired the rights to the stadium in 2003, having recently entered the Baltimore market.

The stadium has hosted multiple friendly soccer events, including a sell out World Football Challenge match between English club Chelsea and Italian side AC Milan in 2015. It has also been host to multiple major artist tours, including Jay Z's Legends of the Summer tour alongside Justin Timberlake, plus two Beyonce tours, as well as Billy Joel, Metallica, U2 and One Direction.

The average ticket price is $88, but has been known to increase for certain games, including one of the franchises highlight games against the Cleveland Browns, when CJ Mosley intercepted Baker Mayfield in the dying moments to seal the division for Baltimore.

9. Highmark Stadium - Buffalo Bills

71,608 capacity, over 900,000 square feet

Highmark Stadium was built in 1972 and opened in August 1973. The stadium is built with the city's weather conditions in mind, with the field being 50 feet below ground level. It is built into the ground to try and eliminate as many of the effects of the strong winds and cold temperatures of the city of Buffalo, located downwind of Lake Erie.

The stadium cost $22million dollars to build back in 1973, which would be the equivalent of $134million dollars today. An average ticket costs around $86 to go to a Bills game.

Bills Mafia have one of the strongest fanbases across the entire NFL, and help their team with tremendous support both at home and on the road. No matter the weather, Bills Mafia shows up in numbers, and they’re loud.

Highmark Stadium has played host to events and artists such as the Rolling Stones (on numerous occasions), Elton John and Fleetwood Mac.

The Bills reached a deal in 2021 for a brand new stadium to be built in Orchard Park, expected to open in 2026.

8. NRG Stadium - Houston Texans

72,220 capacity, 1.9 million square feet

NRG Stadium, formerly Reliant Stadium, opened in 2002. It became the first ever NFL stadium with a retractable roof, while also playing host to regular Houston rodeos.

It cost $352million dollars to build and was complete in just 30 months. NRG Stadium did suffer damages from Hurricane Ike back in 2008, delaying the Texans ability to play their first home game of the season on September 14th. The stadium was reopened on October 5th.

NRG Stadium has hosted two Super Bowls, in 2004 and again in 2017. Both games featured the New England Patriots, beating the Panthers in 2004, and the Falcons in the famous comeback in 2017, meaning Tom Brady has won two of his Super Bowl rings in NRG Stadium.

Ticket prices differ heavily depending on the quality of the team. The Texans have been poor on the field recently, but your average ticket in 2020 would cost around $140.

7. Caesars Superdome - New Orleans Saints 

73,208 Capacity, 2.3 million square footage

The Superdome opened in 1975 in the Central Business District in New Orleans. It was first named the Louisiana Superdome, but changed its name in 2011 to the Mercedes Benz Superdome as part of a new partnership. It has recently changed its name again, forming a partnership with Caesars Sportsbook. The name was changed following the 2021 football season.

The stadium took far longer than expected to be built, having been scheduled to host Super Bowl IX in 1975, but was not completed until several months later. Initial plans had envisioned the stadium would be built ready for the 1972 season, but the Saints' first game was not played there until September 1975.

Construction cost $134million dollars, equivalent to $675million in current day costs.

The Superdome served as a shelter for thousands of locals who were unable to evacuate the city during Hurricane Katrina. It was a devastating place to be, not having enough water, food, bathrooms and space for all the people who trapped themselves inside.

The stadium was damaged by Hurricane Katrina, and cost $185million dollars to repair. It was reopened in 2008. 

It has since played host to numerous events, including the WWE’s Wrestlemania, US Women's Soccer, Tennis, Motocross and Boxing.

It is the largest fixed dome structure in the world.

6. Bank Of America Stadium - Carolina Panthers

75,523 Capacity, 1.4 million square feet

The Panthers stadium was named Ericsson Stadium when it opened in 1996, with the Swedish telecom company purchasing the naming rights in a ten-year deal. It was converted to Bank of America Stadium in 2004, with the company purchasing the naming rights for the following 20 years.

The stadium cost $248million dollars to build, equating to $428million in current day costs. Your average Panthers ticket would cost around $107.

There are six enormous bronze Panther statues that line each of the three main entrances to the stadium. They are the largest commissioned statues in America.

Bank of America Stadium also plays host to Charlotte FC, an MLS expansion franchise that started playing competitively in 2022.

The stadium played host to the 2011 Water Bowl, as it’s now known. During a Panthers game against the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2011, a huge rainstorm hit during the second quarter. So much rain fell that it created a waterfall, with water flowing from the upper decks to the lower decks and down onto the field. It’s recorded that over four inches of rain fell in under an hour during the game. The Panthers eventually won 16-10.

5. Empower Field at Mile High - Denver Broncos

76,125 Capacity, 1.8 million square feet

The new Mile High Stadium was opened in 2001, having cost over $400million dollars to build, spanning a two-year period since breaking ground in 1999.

The Broncos' home stadium is nicknamed Mile High because of the city's one mile elevation above sea level. When you talk about home field advantage, the Broncos are one of the most notable teams in the league due to the altitude of Mile High Stadium.

The Broncos have enjoyed AFC Championship wins over the Patriots and Steelers in 2014 and 2016 at Mile High, the latter resulting in a championship at Super Bowl 50.

Empower Field at Mile High has also played host to various soccer matches, and a rugby league game in 2018 between England and New Zealand.

The average ticket to a Broncos game will cost you roughly $120.

4. GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium - Kansas City Chiefs

76,416 Capacity, 1.64 million square feet

Located at 1 Arrowhead Drive, Arrowhead Stadium broke ground in 1968, and opened in 1972, 50 years ago. It cost $43million dollars to build at the time ($279million current day), and has since been renovated on numerous occasions, including major renovations that started in 2007, costing an estimated $375million dollars.

GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium got its new name in 2021, with GEHA acquiring the rights to the stadium's name for the next 10 years.

The Chiefs fans are among the loudest in the league, and during a game at Arrowhead Stadium in 1990, the crowd was threatened by the officials crew with losing a timeout if they refused to quieten down amidst a game against John Elway and the Denver Broncos.

In 2013, the crowd set a Guinness World Record during a game against the Oakland Raiders for the loudest stadium crowd, before it was later broken by the Seattle Seahawks fans.

Arrowhead Stadium has featured several soccer matches, including a Manchester United friendly against the Kansas City Wizards with over 50,000 in attendance back in 2010.

3. AT&T Stadium - Dallas Cowboys

80,000 capacity, 3 million square feet

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has never been shy when it comes to big ideas for the Dallas Cowboys. AT&T Stadium began construction in 2005, and was finished in 2009. It was originally estimated to cost around $650million dollars, but rose to over $1.15billion by the time it was completed.

The Stadium is often referred to as ‘Jerry World’ after Jones, who has big plans for the stadium and surrounding facilities to serve as a major entertainment venue. The stadium can play host to numerous events, being built to host concerts, basketball games, soccer, rodeos, motocross and wrestling.

The average ticket will cost you around $100.

AT&T holds the record for the largest regular season attendance in NFL history, with 105,121 fans attending the Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants rivalry game in 2009. While the stadium's capacity is set at 80,000, AT&T Stadium does have the capacity to expand.

The stadium also holds the record for the most attended basketball game in history, when it hosted the 2010 NBA All Star Game. A whopping 108,713 fans attended the event. And finally, the record for the most attended Wrestling event also belongs to AT&T, with 101,763 fans attending Wrestlemania 32 in 2016.

It’s one of the most popular venues in America, hosting numerous major college football games including the Cotton Bowl Classic and the Big 12 Championship Game. ‘Jerry World’ is certainly one of the most impressive stadiums in the country.

2. Lambeau Field - Green Bay Packers

81,441 capacity, 1.7 million square feet

Lambeau Field is the oldest operating stadium in the history of the NFL, with the Packers holding the record for the most consecutive seasons played in a single stadium. Green Bay broke the record in 2007, playing their 51st season in the stadium, a record previously held by the Chicago Bears at Wrigley Field.

Construction began in 1956, and the stadium was completed in 1957. It cost $960,000 at the time, which would be around $5.4million dollars current day. That said, it has been the subject of numerous renovations, including a $295million renovation in 2003.

The Packers have sold out every game at Lambeau Field since 1960, with an estimated 115,000 people on the waiting list and an average wait time of around 30 years. It’s no exaggeration when people say they put their newborn baby's name on the waiting list for season tickets.

The field is named after Packers founder Curly Lambeau, who died two months prior to the Stadium being announced back in 1965. Adverse conditions and cold nights earned the field the nickname ‘the frozen tundra’, with the Packers going to battle numerous times in heavy snow. If you take a bottle of water with you, there’s a good chance it’ll freeze while you sit in the stands.

Lambeau is also famous for the Lambeau Leap, an age-old tradition that sees touchdown scorers leap up onto the wall with the front row of the crowd to celebrate the score. It was invented by former Packers safety and now Hall of Famer Leroy Butler, after scooping up a Reggie White forced fumble and taking it into the endzone for a touchdown.

The Packers crowd and home field atmosphere have been recognised numerous times, with Lambeau Field ranked as one of the largest home field advantages due to a combination of the crowd noise and cold conditions in the winter months.

Lambeau Field is one of the most expensive places to attend an NFL game, with average ticket prices coming in at around $185. It’s been so difficult to attend games and get hold of tickets that the Packers announced standing room only tickets ahead of the 2022 season. The tickets were priced at $89 and allowed fans to stand in certain areas on the south side of the stadium.

1. MetLife Stadium - New York Giants and New York Jets

82,500 capacity, 2.1 million square feet

MetLife is the biggest stadium in the NFL, both in capacity and in square footage. It has 27,500 parking spaces, and cost around $1.6billion dollars to complete. The average ticket will only cost you around $61, with MetLife being one of the more affordable stadiums in the NFL, but that might change in the next few years.

The stadium was opened in 2010, replacing Giants Stadium as the home of both New York franchises. Despite the two teams being named New York, MetLife Stadium is actually in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

The stadium was built after the two teams formed the New Meadowlands Stadiums Company LLC, which is a 50/50 venture to build and operate the stadium. The terms include the ability to opt out for either franchise, once every five years. The first of those opportunities will occur in 2025, 15 years after the stadium was built, however it is very unlikely that either franchise will decide to do so.

In July 2017, MetLife was awarded the ‘Venue of the Year’ by the Stadiums Business Summit, a title awarded to the world's best arena or sports venue that deserves recognition for an outstanding performance over a 12-month period.

The stadium played host to Super Bowl XLVIII in February 2014, marking the first time a cold weather city with a non-domed stadium would host the big game. The temperature was 49 degrees fahrenheit, or nine degrees celsius, making it the third coldest Super Bowl in the history of the event. The Seahawks would beat the Broncos 43-8 in a landslide victory.

The facilities and enormous surrounding area play host to some of the best tailgate parties in the country, with Giants and Jets games being amongst the most popular to attend for the pre and post game festivities. 

MetLife has also hosted multiple Wrestlemania events, as well as soccer and college football, and is a regular host of Monster Jam, a popular monster trucks event that has been held at MetLife every year since 2012, returning once again in 2023.

Did you know?

New York Giants are expected to be the second-most expensive NFL team to support by 2025. Our experts have looked at which NFL teams have increased their prices the most since 2019, and used this data to create a forecast of estimated prices for each NFL team in 2025.

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