The NFL Draft is one of the biggest events in the NFL calendar, and it often comes with a lot of surprising wins and major dramas – after all, who could forget the major fumble from the Minnesota Vikings in 2003? With the NFL Draft for 2024 taking place at the end of April, you know we had to get our hands on the numbers and create an index of which teams are likely to draft the best based on their historical data!

The NFL Teams whose drafts can’t be beaten


Over the last ten years, some NFL teams have been straight-up lucky when it comes to snagging awesome players during the draft. Take the Los Angeles Rams, for instance—they've scored big-time with picks like Cooper Kupp and Puka Nacua.

And you can't forget about the Kansas City Chiefs, who've landed game-changing players such as Patrick Mahomes. These teams just seem to have a knack for spotting talent and making the right calls, setting them up for some serious success in the NFL – but who really can’t be beaten for excellent draft picks?

1. Kansas City Chiefs - 3.8

The Kansas City Chiefs have a knack for drafting top talent because of their thorough scouting process and strategic approach. They've got a solid team behind the scenes that does their homework, analyzing players' skills, character, and fit within the team's system. Plus, the Chiefs aren't afraid to take risks and think outside the box when it comes to selecting players—they're not just looking for the biggest names, but rather the ones who can make a real impact on the field.

2. Los Angeles Rams - 3.2

The Los Angeles Rams have also been pretty savvy with their draft picks over the years. One reason for their success is their willingness to trade picks and move around the draft board to get the players they want. They've shown a knack for identifying talent that fits their system, whether it's on offence or defense. They've also done well in finding diamonds in the rough in later rounds, adding depth to their roster.

3. Dallas Cowboys - 2.9

The Dallas Cowboys have had a mixed record when it comes to draft picks over the past decade. While they've certainly hit some home runs with picks like Micah Parsons and Zack Martin, they've also had their fair share of misses. Despite some ups and downs, the Cowboys' commitment to building through the draft and their willingness to take calculated risks have helped them maintain competitiveness in the NFL landscape.

4. Detroit Lions - 2.3

While the Detroit Lions had some notable draft pick hits, they've also had their struggles in consistently finding talent that translates to on-field success. Despite these challenges, the Lions continue to strive for success through the draft and have seen improvement under Head Coach Dan Campbell and General Manager Brad Holmes. With a solid plan and commitment to player development, they have the potential to improve their fortunes in the future.

5. Baltimore Ravens - 2.2

When it comes to drafting, the Baltimore Ravens have been one of the most consistent and successful teams over the last decade. They have a knack for identifying talent that fits their system and culture, whether it's in the early rounds or the later ones. The Ravens prioritize players with high football IQs, strong work ethics, and versatility, which has paid off with selections like Lamar Jackson, Marlon Humphrey, and Mark Andrews.

The NFL Teams at the bottom of the draft rankings

Despite the successes of some teams, others don’t quite seem to hit the mark when it comes to draft season – it's important to note that drafting in the NFL is inherently unpredictable, and even the most well-prepared teams can encounter setbacks though. So, which teams are at the bottom of the pile when it comes to draft pick success?

28. Arizona Cardinals - 0.85

The Arizona Cardinals have faced challenges in the draft in recent years, leading to mixed results. One factor contributing to their struggles may be inconsistency in leadership and coaching, which can affect the team's drafting strategy and player development efforts. Additionally, the Cardinals have had some misses with their early-round picks, failing to consistently land impact players who can make a difference on the field.

29. Green Bay Packers - 0.83

While the Green Bay Packers have had their share of draft successes, they have also faced challenges and criticism in recent years. One issue that has plagued the Packers is a perceived lack of focus on acquiring immediate impact players, especially in the early rounds of the draft, sometimes opting to draft for the future rather than addressing immediate needs. While the Packers may not have consistently hit home runs in the draft in recent years, they have still managed to find quality contributors and build competitive rosters.

30. Jacksonville Jaguars - 0.75

The Jacksonville Jaguars have had a mixed track record in the NFL draft over the past decade. While they've made some solid picks that have contributed to their success, such as Jalen Ramsey and Josh Allen, they've also had their fair share of misses. In recent years, picks such as Trevor Lawrence and Travis Etienne have helped the Jaguars slightly improve on the field, but fans will be hoping the team steps up to the next level in 2024.

31. Philadelphia Eagles - 0.73

The Eagles have shown a willingness to take calculated risks and make bold moves to acquire talent, such as trading up in the draft to secure key players like Carson Wentz. In the past, the Eagles have excelled in finding value in later rounds, uncovering gems like Lane Johnson and Jason Kelce. However, like any team, the Eagles have also had their share of misses in the draft recently, with some picks failing to live up to expectations or struggling with injuries.

32. Washington Commanders - 0.65

The Washington Commanders have also had their fair share of ups and downs in the NFL draft over the past decade. Like many teams, they've had their share of hits and misses when it comes to selecting players. Some of their draft picks, such as Terry McLaurin and Brandon Scherff, have turned out to be successful additions to the team, while others have not panned out as expected.

Of course, there’s plenty of time left for them to turn their fortunes around, but in the meantime, why not explore more NFL news and insights? For more insight into NCAAF and plenty of other sporting stats, head over to Betway to see our coverage and odds of all the latest sporting events.


We looked at every NFL team's draft picks over the last 10 years and analyzed them based on the following metrics:

  1. End of Season Award Winners Drafted (NFL Offensive Player of the Year, NFL Defensive Player of the Year, NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year, NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year)
  2. All-Pro Players Drafted
  3. Rookies who have made the PFWA All-Rookie Team
  4. Pro Bowlers Drafted
  5. Super Bowl Winners Drafted

We then used the metrics above to give each team a total "Draft Score" out of five.

Draft pick data was sourced from Pro-Football-Reference

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