While in-game action and drama will often generate the majority of weekend talking points, an underappreciated aspect of the NFL is the enthusiastic entrance themes and antics, with fans enjoying everything from signature songs to fireworks, announcer excitement, and amped-up players.

But which NFL teams’ entrance themes officially generate the biggest buzz online? Analyzing social media data for each franchise, we’ve ranked the most talked about and best-loved entrances across the NFL.

Ranking the most talked about NFL entrances


Taking the top spot, the New England Patriots officially have the most talked about NFL entrance, with an incredible 26,871 fan posts across social media in the last 12 months. They also take second when it comes to social sentiment too, with over one in five supporter posts considered positive.

Next up, there have been 25,191 social media posts aimed at the Los Angeles Rams’ entrance theme, followed by the New York Giants (21,648) and Minnesota Vikings (20,292) – the only other teams to record over 20,000 fan tags.

Curiously, though, while the Giants also rank third for positive sentiment (19.9%), the Vikings and Rams both place in the bottom half with scores of 13.7% and 11% respectively.

Sneaking into our top five, there have been 19,360 posts about the New York Jets’ entrance since last October, ahead of the San Francisco 49ers (18,890) and last season’s losing Super Bowl finalists the Philadelphia Eagles (14,650), while the Dallas Cowboys take eighth with 13,333. Incidentally, the Eagles (18.2%) and 49ers (18%) also place among the top five teams by positive sentiment – ahead of the Jets (15.3%) and Cowboys (14.3%) who sit 10th and 16th.

Meanwhile, rounding out our top ten teams according to the number of entrance-related social media fan posts, we have the Chicago Bears (12,990), followed by the Washington Commanders (11,159) – the Commanders record the lowest positive sentiment score, though, with just 7.61% of posts considered complimentary.

The least talked about NFL entrances

At the other end of our table, the Green Bay Packers have recorded fewer entrance-related tagged posts than any other NFL team since last October, with less than 5,000 in the period.

They’re followed by the Jacksonville Jaguars (5,112) and Atlanta Falcons (5,702), while the Baltimore Ravens (6,022) and Pittsburgh Steelers (6,088) are also some of the least talked about franchises.

Following, the Seattle Seahawks, New Orleans Saints, and Tennessee Titans were each the subject of around 6,300 fan posts, while the Los Angeles Chargers (6,583) and Las Vegas Raiders (6,707) round out the ten least talked about teams for their respective entrances.

The most popular NFL entrances

We’ve touched on some of the NFL teams with popular entrances, but it’s actually the Miami Dolphins who have the best-loved theme - despite ranking 15th by total fan posts. In fact, 24.3% of the 9,173 related posts over the last year can be considered positive.

The Patriots, Giants, Eagles, and 49ers follow, but there’s another new name in sixth, with the Green Bay Packers scoring 17.7% (they rank bottom by total posts, with 4,912). Of the four, the Philadelphia Eagles’ social media team are the most adept at generating buzz, with the franchise also officially ranked as the NFL’s biggest content creator.

Meanwhile, the Indianapolis Colts (16.8%), New Orleans Saints (16.5%), and Cleveland Browns (19.9%) each also rank among the top ten by entrance theme popularity. The Colts’ high ranking perhaps shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, though, considering they also have the most devoted NFL fans!

At the other end of the table, the Kansas City Chiefs (9.94%), Atlanta Falcons (10.4%), and Buffalo Bills (10.6%) join the Commanders as having the least popular NFL entrances, alongside the Los Angeles Rams, Houston Texans (11.9%), Pittsburgh Steelers (12%), and Carolina Panthers (12%). Finally, the Seattle Seahawks (12.5%) and Tennessee Titans (12.6%) round out our bottom ten.

Reviewing our results, it’s perhaps interesting to see the likes of the Patriots, Rams, and Giants ranking so highly despite their relatively disappointing starts to the season. Of course, there’s plenty of time left for them to turn their fortunes around, but in the meantime, why not explore more NFL news and insight?


To identify the most talked about and best loved NFL entrances, we gathered and analyzed social media data using social listening tool Linkfluence.

This revealed the number of fan posts for [team] and [field entrance] and the overall positive sentiment score for each franchise. Each team was then ranked according to the number of posts and positive sentiment. Data is correct as of 10/30/23.

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