On playing alongside Peyton Manning:

Pierre Garcon: Ah, man. Playing with Peyton was the blessing that I needed. It was an honor to play with him every day I learned from him and the guys that I played with. But he was so detailed, so on point, always communicating with his teammates, his players and myself and I kind of had to overhear everything just to make sure that I'm taking all the clues that he's given to Reggie, Marvin, Gonzo, and Dallas Clark. And it was a great opportunity for me and I couldn't think of a better quarterback to be with.

Comparing Robert Griffin II And Kirk Cousins:

PG: Both of them are great leaders, both of them are great quarterbacks. Obviously, Robert is more athletic than Kirk. But that's the dimension that gave Robert a heads up or the one up on Kurt. But both quarterbacks that are great with their arms and great with decision making. And injuries are part of the game. It's just unfortunate, but it was awesome to play with both of those guys, especially when you're fresh when you're new. And I tried to help them and guide them with their career. But it was definitely a great opportunity to help be a part of and be around that because it was a special one for us in Washington, DC.

On breaking Washington’s record for most receptions in a season in 2013:

PG: It was cool. It was a good feeling. we didn't do well that year. But I'm glad I can put my effort out there and help the team because that's how I always wanted to play. I was playing hard and be valuable to my team. But it was exciting for me personally. But unfortunately we didn't win what we tried to win, but it was a great year and it's all the two quarterbacks, both Robert and Kirk and Kyle Shanahan and Mike Shanahan.

Can Kirk Cousins get to a Super Bowl?

PG: Now that Aaron Rodgers is not in their division, it makes it a little bit easier. But it's tough to make it to the Super Bowl. It's tough to win the Super Bowl. He has two offensive weapons, he probably needs some more help. But I think they not far but they're not- they’re not a threat. Yeah. It could go their way. We want it to go their way. But it's hard to say being guaranteed to make it to the playoffs and guaranteed to make it to the Super Bowl Championship. But they've done well last year to close but I was shocked by them losing to the Giants last year.

On playing for Sean McVay and his rise in coaching:

PG: Oh yeah, being around, Sean McVeigh was a breath of fresh air and he loves football. He knows. He was a great high school football player. His claim to fame was that he won Georgia, Mr. Football over Calvin Johnson. So he always lets us know, but he's a student of the game. And you can tell when you speak to him, when you hear his coaching the game. He knows every part of the game, which is somebody that you can take advice from on anything because he's like, this guy’s well-detail in the sport of football. So it wasn't shocked that he rose to success that quick, that fast. But we knew he had it in him and he was a student of the game. So it doesn't surprise me or anybody that was in that locker room.

On how he’d like to be remembered as a player:

PG: I love to be remembered as a player that went hard. That's what we can control: the effort that we put into it. And when my teammates see me put in an effort, even if the team loses, or even if it's winning, but like when you see you're giving effort it motivates everybody to do the same. So that's why I want to be remembered for just the guy that gave effort and went hard and enjoyed the game because I did enjoy playing.

On Aaron Rodgers and the Jets’ Super Bowl chances:

PG: Aaron Rogers always has a chance. He always had a chance. He has a receiver, he has a chance. When he has the ball in his hand, he will need help from those young guys or young receivers. Like he said last year, he needed help. But if the defense for the Jets, Robert Salah could get that defense, you know. Dalvin and Rogers having the ball in his hand gives him more opportunity to become better and more familiar with the players. He can be dangerous, it can be very, very dangerous. They may need another receiver to step up or tight end to step up just to take the burden off of Garrett Wilson. But they're moving in the right direction. If somebody steps up and makes those extra tough catches for Aaron Rodgers and the Jets’ offense.

Can Sean Payton help Russell Wilson in Denver?

PG: That's a great question. Sean Payton kind of ran the offense kind of like we did in Indy where it's pass first. Russell's kind of used to play action and we help with the run game. But as you get older, you become more comfortable with the passing game in the NFL but Sean Payton’s playbooks can be complicated a little bit you're not comfortable with it. You're a second behind and in NFL if you're a second behind it, it's too late. But he has a great offensive mind. It's just got to be related to Russell’s style because I do think that's your quarterback, so you kind of have to customize it for the quarterback.

On which rookie QB will make the biggest impact this season:

PG: Honestly from watching this preseason, I think Antonio was just in feels the most comfortable where he's at. Bryce young, I want him to do well. CJ Stroud, it’s just tough out there in Houston. But I think Anthony Richardson might be that guy that propels up but it's early. It's hard to say. But I do wish him well and it's my former team so always rooting for those guys.

On Mahomes and the Chiefs returning to the Super Bowl:

PG: The chemistry that they have with Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce is it's hard to break. I know they're trying to get their D tackle Chris Jones back. That's plays a big part of him holding the other quarterbacks at bay and other teams. But it's hard to bet against Kansas City. They've been very consistent and have great coaching. They have great quarterbacks and just gifted players that guys just can't stop in one-on-ones.

Is Brock Purdy the guy to lead the 49ers?

PG: I think he will get better as he gets more comfortable. He has a lot of great athletes around him which is the best thing for a quarterback. He just has to keep using those guys so that it's not all on him. I know Kyle Shanahan is going to do a great job of getting the ball out of Brocks hands quick and early so that you can get completions to grow to confidence and when they need them down in the stretch, he comes through. But you have those receivers, Deebo and Aiyuk. It helps when you have Christian McCaffrey. It helps when you have a guy like Trent Williams blocking so you know you’re solid. So I hope he keeps elevating but it is tough to continue because there's film. They know tendencies now. And it's the game.

Can Sam Howell lead Washington to the playoffs?

PG: This is a great question because honestly this year, and last year, Sam Howell did look very comfortable. This year he looks even more comfortable. And we're all excited about Eric Bieniemy working with the whole offense, everybody seems comfortable. It seems obviously like a different offense. Because it's Eric’s offense but that kind of throws the league off because they don't know what to expect yet. And that helps Sam, it helps the receivers because they put them in different positions so that just like Brock, you get the quarterback the ball, you get it out quick so that these guys can make plays for you. But the nuance that Bieniemy has going in there is helping Sam out and everybody out on offense because those guys, Eric Bieniemy was very creative. We need that. I saw that in the preseason. I'm like, “Oh, I like that play call. I love that motion to confuse a defense” and it gives me pleasure to see the direction we're moving in. And I hope for the best but it's, it's still- it's still a game of football.

On what he expects from Terry McLaurin this season:

PG: I'm expecting a big season from him. Everybody's just planning a big season from him. I don't know, the numbers will what the numbers will be but I know he's a great player. He's a fast, fast guy. Gets off the ball really fast. He's great with his hands because he catches a lot of the balls with his hands. He goes across the meadow, he does work on the outside. Regardless what his numbers show he's still a great player, a great asset. He's a top tier receiver in this league and I know they're going to try to get on the ball but defenses know him too. So it's gonna be fun to see but he is definitely going to demand double coverage at some point.

On Montez Sweat and Chase Young:

PG: Those guys kind of feed off each other. If one doesn't get there, the other guy's gonna get there. And I do expect and they have that same expectation for them. So regardless of coming off for injuries or not, but they have one job: go after the quarterback, get to the quarterback. And they've done- they've proven that they can do it. I'm sure you want to get back to that top to where you were at. But those guys are young. So they definitely got to be hungry to get to keep getting after quarterbacks and that's exciting for us because when you have a great D line, it makes every quarterback uncomfortable.

On the ongoing Jonathan Taylor situation in Indianapolis:

PG: Yeah, it definitely hurts if Jonathan Taylor's not there but the game is moving to a passing game. But Johnathan Taylor does take off some of that pressure off Anthony Richardson. But it's part of the game where we know it's going to be the next man up. It could be an injury or a contract holdout but you still have to keep moving forward. And we all want Jonathan Taylor to be there. We want him to get his contract. But that's the business side of football. But it will make things harder for the Indianapolis offense and the team as a whole to get to that playoff and Super Bowl run they want.

Can Anthony Richardson lead the Colts to a division title?

PG: He’s got to win those division games. Houston, I don't see them being a a tough opponent but it's always hard to beat a division opponent twice. But he's definitely got to connect with Michael Pittman. He's got to throw touchdown passes. You’ve got to protect the ball. Those that are main keys as an offense. He's got to take his learning curves, got to learn. You have to learn the lessons. But when you protect the ball, you take what the defense gives you, and throw touchdown passes, it helps win the division. But it's not going to be easy.

How will new Colts Head Coach Shane Steichen’s time working with Jalen Hurts help Anthony Richardson?

PG: It's definitely got to make it a lot more successful for Anthony Richardson because he can see what Jalen Hurts did. He can make you be comfortable and accept everything the coaches tell him because he's done this before and you want to follow in Jalen Hurts’ footsteps. And the coach has that experience and it's easier because he's- it's already proven. But it's gonna be a learning curve. But Anthony Richardson is not Jalen Hurts but we have like the blueprint kind of the direction that we're going and it helps the coach out as well. As Anthony says, like, “Hey, we've done this before we're capable of doing it. And we're gonna keep pushing towards until we get it.”

Will Washington beat their season win total of 6.5 wins?

PG: I am biased, for sure. If they do not get six games, I think the tide will change Washington real quick. It will change real quick. But we have high expectations. But winning games in NFL is not easy. But man, you got to win more to six games.

Will Indianapolis beat their season win total of 6.5 wins?

PG: That's tough man. I hope they get over six and a half but I don't think so. I think they might be the 3-13, well even more than that now, 3-14 now. But I think it's under. I think you're gonna be under a six and a half wins.

Which team wins the NFC east?

PG: We gave the Eagles their first loss last year. If somebody has the blueprints to playing them tough- I would want the Washington to win. But it is tough to win back to back NFC championships especially when you don't want your quarterback to get hurt. It's always in the mind of the Eagles players. Because if Jalen Hurts isn't playing, the chances aren't as good.

But I want Washington to surprise everybody. And every year there's a surprise in the NFC. And I think it'd be boring if the field definitely does go on off on a run like they did last year. But we will be excited when they play the Washington Commanders. There's gonna be many NFC games because it's divisional of course but it's gonna be tough to repeat. But I know we're playing tough and hopefully we can sneak we can backdoor our way into an NFC East Championship.

Who win the NFC Championship?

PG: The NFC Championship, it's always hard to go against San Francisco. It's always hard to go against San Francisco, regardless of how their season looks. At the beginning, they'll start to pick up steam and start to figure things out which is a Kyle Shanahan specialty and I kind of don't like it because you kind of wait to figure things out instead of shutting the door and cutting it right out early. But it is a tough game to always dominate but it's tough to go against 49ers in the NFC.

Who wins the AFC Championship?

PG: AFC obviously, it's always tough to go against Kansas City. But I'm expecting Kansas City to there, it’s just hard to go against them. But Aaron Rogers, I know they're gonna make it to the playoffs. But I don't know how far after winning the first round of the playoffs. I don't know if they can sustain it. But it'd be exciting to see because we do want that matchup.

Who wins Super Bowl LVIII?

PG: It's just hard to see somebody else. We want to see somebody else winning but it's hard to see somebody else beating Kansas City. Especially when it comes down to the crunch time because when Patrick Mahomes has the ball in his hands, you know where he's gone. And then they'll surprise you with throwing it to somebody else. It's like ‘wow, this guy's explosive too.’ So it's hard to go against Kansas City, but I'd be excited if the New York Jets get one.

Definitely be excited if Aaron Rodgers can get it again. San Francisco, love for Kyle Shanahan to win a super bowl. That's my guy. I would love to see that story where Brock Purdy leads them to a Super Bowl Championship. We know Christian McCaffrey is going to do his thing when- in any games. Deebo is going to be excited. So they’re stacked up and moving in the right direction and I kind of love the way Kyle Shanahan got rid of the drama right away and kept focusing on football.

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