NASCAR’S Premier short track has had several great NASCAR drivers make their way through Richmond International Raceway. This track has become a great part of NASCAR history as many Richmond Raceway past winners have made a name for themselves at Richmond like rookie Tony Stewart did in 1999 leading 333 out of the 400 laps. While some drivers have been lap leaders at Richmond and some have been past winners every time the drivers start their engines it’s always a new race and a new opportunity. Here are some of the best drivers to race at Richmond.

Who is the winningest NASCAR driver at Richmond? Richard Petty has the most wins at Richmond with 13 wins including a stretch of 9 out of 10 wins during the early 1970’s.

Who has the most NASCAR Cup Series wins at Richmond Raceway?Richard Petty has the most Cup Series wins at Richmond as he holds the most wins overall at Richmond with 13 all-time victories. While Petty was tested throughout his career by other great NASCAR drivers, Petty always found a way to prevail and pull off the victory.

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Ranking the Top 10 Best NASCAR Drivers at Richmond Raceway

10. Christopher Bell  (2020-Present) Total Laps run: 32,249
Laps led: 938
Richmond wins: 0
Honors: 2017 Truck Series Champion

Christopher Bell is not only one of NASCAR’s top drivers, but he’s arguably the best younger driver in NASCAR and is definitely the future face of NASCAR’s brand for decades to come. Probably the best short track and road course driver in NASCAR right now, Bell will soon make a name for himself at Richmond. While Bell has yet to win at the Cup Series level at Richmond, he’s won three times at the XFinity level.

9. Martin Truex Jr. (2004-Present) Total Laps run: 177,319          
Laps led: 12,056
Richmond wins: 3
Honors: 2017 Cup Series Champion

Martin Truex Jr. is currently one of NASCAR’s best drivers in the Cup Series and has been for quite some time. While he’s had success at Richmond Raceway in past years, his recent dominance is undeniable as he swept the track winning both races in the 2019 season and winning again in 2021.  With some more appearances at Richmond to come, it’s not unlikely that we can’t see Truex Jr. rack up a few more wins at Richmond before he retires.

8. Jimmie Johnson (2001-2023) Total Laps run: 194,488
Laps led: 18,941
Richmond wins: 3
Honors: 7 Cup Series Championships

The first ever driver to win five consecutive Cup Championships and tied with Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt for the most Cup Championships with seven, it comes as no surprise that Johnson was one of the top drivers at Richmond Raceway throughout the years. Johnson’s dominance at Richmond came during 2007 and 2008 where he won both races in 2007 and won his third in 2008.

7. Dale Earnhardt (1975-2001) Total Laps run: 202,888
Laps led: 25,714
Richmond wins: 5
Honors: 7 Cup Series Championships

One of NASCAR’s greatest drivers of all-time, it’s no surprise to see Dale Earnhardt come in as one of the top drivers at Richmond Raceway. With five wins all-time at Richmond, Earnhardt is the fourth-winningest driver at the short track. Sweeping the 1987 season with two straight victories at Richmond and winning back to back in 1990 and 1991, Earnhardt, like he was on several tracks, was dominant at Richmond.

6. Darrell Waltrip (1972-2000) Total Laps run: 237,773
Laps led: 23,134
Richmond wins: 6
Honors: 3 Cup Series Championships

The three-time Cup Series Champion was a champion several times at Richmond Raceway. Tied in third with six all-time wins at Richmond Raceway, Waltrip was one of the top drivers to ever take the track in Richmond. Doing most of his damage at Richmond in the late 70’s and throughout the 80’s, Waltrip won multiple years in a row including two years in a row in 1980 and 1981 and two years in a row in 1984 and 1985.

5. Kyle Busch (2003-Present) Total Laps run: 180,630
Laps led: 19,134
Richmond wins: 6
Honors: 2 Cup Series Championships

Kyle Busch is one of NASCAR’s top drivers currently and has been for quite a while. Nicknamed “The Candy Man” due to his longtime sponsorship with Mars Incorporated, Busch has dominated Richmond Raceway nearly every time he’s taken his car to their track. Tied for third with six wins all-time at Richmond, Busch is one of the top drivers to run that course. He won at Richmond for four straight years from 2009-2012 and won back to back races at Richmond during the 2018 season.

4. Rusty Wallace (1980-2005) Total Laps run: 204,818
Laps led: 19,951
Richmond wins: 6
Honors: One Cup Series Championship

One of NASCAR’s top short track drivers, Rusty Wallace as a result made a name for himself at Richmond Raceway as he’s tied for the third most with six wins. Instilling his dominance in the late 80’s and throughout the 90’s, Wallace still to this day is one of the top drivers to ever race at Richmond.

3. David Pearson (1960-1986) Total Laps run: 135,021
Laps led: 22,660
Richmond wins: 6
Honors: 3 Cup Series Championships

Nicknamed “The Fox” and later nicknamed “The Silver Fox” David Pearson rivaled Richard Petty’s career with his on-track greatness as his hardest competitor during Petty’s reign. He's tied for six wins at Richmond, which is third behind Petty’s 13 wins and Allison’s seven wins. Pearson is also second to Petty for all-time wins with 105.
2. Bobby Allison (1961-1988) Total Laps run: 197,438
Laps led: 27,556
Richmond wins: 7
Honors: 3 Cup Series Championships

One of NASCAR’s elite short track drivers, it comes at no surprise that Allison was dominant at one of NASCAR’s historical short tracks like Richmond Raceway. With seven wins all-time at Richmond, Allison is tied for the second most wins at Richmond Raceway. During Richard Petty’s seven straight victories at Richmond, Allison ended a streak that would’ve likely been 10 straight wins if Allison didn’t win 1974. Allison led 181 laps to Petty’s 163 laps and led the last 92 laps to hold off Petty and stop his winning streak.

1. Richard Petty (1958-1992) Total Laps run: 307,846
Laps led: 49,920
Richmond wins: 13
Honors: 7 Cup Series Championships

It should come as no surprise that Richard Petty aka “The King” as he’s been nicknamed by NASCAR’s finest comes in as the number one driver at Richmond Raceway. With 13 wins at Richmond, Petty holds the most wins here and by a mile as David Pearson, Darrell Waltrip, Rusty Wallace, and Kyle Busch are tied for second with six wins. From the years of 1970-1975, Petty won at Richmond nine out 10 races during that stretch including seven straight wins in a row, another accolade that no driver has even come close to.

Did you know? Before Richmond Raceway made its inaugural NASCAR debut in 1953, it played host to several horse races as well as some IndyCar races. When the track transitioned to NASCAR in 1953, Lee Petty became the first driver to win a Richmond race. Here are the 10 greatest moments from Richmond Raceway in history.

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