A No Contest in MMA fights is something no one wants to see: the fighters want to fight until there’s a victor, the fans want to see one fighter win, and No Contests often involve some sort of funny business.

However, in a sport always full of drama and intrigue, No Contests do happen every so often. But what is a No Contest? And what are some famous examples?

What is a No Contest in UFC?

No contest definition: a no contest in UFC means neither of the fighters are declared winners of the fight. No contests can occur for multiple different reasons, including injury, an incident in the crowd, or a violation following the end of the fight.

What happens to UFC bets if a fight result is No Contest or Technical Draw?

No contest MMA betting procedures are clear: if the fight is declared a No Contest, all bets are considered void.

There are no fancy UFC betting rules at play here: betters will receive their initial wagers back.

Famous No Contests UFC Fights

Here are some examples of some famous No Contest UFC fights:

  • UFC 183: Anderson Silva vs Nick Diaz (2015) -- Diaz tested positive for weed after the fight, and Silva tested positive for anabolic steroids.
  • UFC 211: Eddie Alvarez vs Dustin Poirier (2017) -- Alvarez landed a brutal knee while Porier was down on the floor…by just a finger.
  • UFC 55: Alessio Sakara vs Ron Faircloth (2005) -- Faircloth accidentally landed a punch on Sakara’s “groin”

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