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Proposals are such an exciting time, especially when you plan to do it at your favorite NFL team’s stomping ground: their home stadium. The scoreboard flashes with the words your partner long awaited to hear, “Will you marry me?”, and what’s better is, the experience of the game will be improved by 100%, even if your most-loved team takes a back seat that day.

We wanted to find out where each team’s famous stadiums ranked for affordability and accessibility for future proposals, and which NFL stadiums should be on your “to-do” list for when you’re ready to get down on one knee.

So which team has the best stadium to propose at based on low cost parking, food, accommodation, and game ticket costs? We tell you all you need to know, below, simply read on for the big reveal.

The 5 leading NFL stadiums for future proposals


With the holidays coming up, we’re always going to see a surge in loved-up couples getting engaged, proven by Statista’s research on the most popular month for engagements in the US. Proposals tend to skyrocket when the festive season hits, and with this in mind, we analyzed the cost of proposals at NFL stadiums across the US to reveal the spots offering the best value for money overall.

The research is based on several cost-related factors, including the cost of a romantic meal, the cost of stadium parking, the cost of a ticket, the cost of a short-term rental close to the stadium, and the cost of a scoreboard proposal message.

TIAA Bank Field is the best stadium overall

The results are in, and taking the crown for the best NFL stadium to propose is TIAA Bank Field, home of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Firstly, it doesn’t cost a cent to write your message on the scoreboard which saves money when compared to other NFL stadiums, such as Gillette Stadium (hosting the New England Patriots), which costs a startling $1,000. The same applies to the Allegiant Stadium, which also charges the highest for scoreboard engagement messages, asking you to shell out $1,500 for the pleasure of proposing at the Las Vegas Raiders’ stadium.

Ford Field takes the second spot

Next up in second place is Ford Field stadium, hosting the Detroit Lions. This is great news for the team, considering their current sporting status. With the Lions being down with wins this season, it’s a great time for loved-up partners to raise spirits with a planned proposal at this domed stadium.

Other top-5 stadium positions

Great news for Cleveland Browns fans as the FirstEnergy Stadium followed in third place, costing just $85.50 for a romantic meal, and only $100 to feature your message in the jumbotron.

State Farm Stadium came next in line, in fourth place, being the home of the Arizona Cardinals. With only a $100 fee you can have your personalized scoreboard message immortalized on the State Farm Stadium's scoreboard during a home game in front of more than 65,000 fans. What’s more, all scoreboard profits go to Cardinals Charities.

This is brilliant news for Cardinals fans who are awaiting Cooper Kupp to come back in action in a month’s time, but can welcome exciting love birds hoping to pop the question when he returns, or uplift spirits amongst the crowds in the meantime.

Taking the fifth spot is the U.S. Bank Stadium where recent Thanksgiving winners, the Minnesota Vikings compete. To park up here, it’d cost a small amount of $16.29, and a romantic meal for two wouldn’t burn the pockets of those proposing, totaling just $80.94.


What about the favorites for the 2023 Super Bowl?

With leading teams, Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs tipped amongst the favorites for the 2023 Super Bowl, looking into affordability regarding engagement proposals was really important.

It appears Buffalo Bills ranked in 25th place, with the cost of parking being relatively high at $35 and with no available information regarding gameday proposal fan packages. The same can be said for the Chiefs, with those proposing having to factor in a $42.13 parking cost at GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium, just to propose to their beloved while watching a game. What’s more, it’s not possible to coordinate proposals on gameday but fans can post their engagement on social media throughout the game using #Chiefs and #ChiefsKingdom, while tagging @Chiefs, to have their post displayed during stoppage in play.

Buying a stadium ticket is pretty steep here, too, costing $99.47, which is expected from a predicted winning team, but would certainly need to be factored into someone’s planned proposal budget!

NFL stadiums you can’t propose at

As well as finding the NFL stadiums you can propose at, we also discovered the ones where a planned engagement isn’t possible. This was based on stadiums that didn’t offer scoreboard messages to be displayed while their favorite team was playing.

If your and your partner’s beloved team is the Green Bay Packers, unfortunately, you won’t be able to pop the question at Lambeau Field. The stadium doesn’t offer scoreboard messages whatsoever for fans. So unless you’re planning to propose by the bleachers without a special announcement, you’d have to pop the question elsewhere.

Fans of the Dallas Cowboys aren’t able to propose using a scoreboard message at the team's stadium in Arlington, Texas – the At&T Stadium. And the same applies to NRG Stadium, home of the Houston Texans and Paul Brown Stadium, which hosts the Cincinnati Bengals with all stadiums stating so.  

Is it risky to propose at a stadium?

As well as the brilliant, romantic aspect of proposing at a sports stadium, there are some potential risks. But what are they, and how can they impact someone’s decision to get down on one knee?

Potential rejection

Big proposals are all good and well if you know your partner is definitely going to say yes, but if it comes as a real surprise to them, their answer might not be the one you want… For this reason, proposals at their favorite sports stadium can be risky because you’re popping the question publicly, in front of a much larger crowd.

Alarm bells from security

The surprise of the upcoming engagement could potentially be ruined. How? Well when you enter the stadium, as you know, your belongings go through a metal detector for security purposes. So the ring you’re sneakily hiding in your pocket will likely be flagged, which means the element of surprise can quickly be lost, with the game being given away!

Online abuse

As we know, everyone always has something to say in person, but the online world is much worse for negative commentary. With this in mind, people can post unreasonable comments on filmed videos online. For some people, this can really tarnish their memories of that special moment. Although, many would just view this as jealousy, basking in their new engagement ring and future life with their beloved.

Discover more

Now you’re aware of which stadiums are the best to propose in, and which ones even allow a proposal on their scoreboard, you’ll know whether or not proposing at your partner’s favorite team’s stomping ground is worth it or not. 

For further expert tips, alongside interesting game insights and betting odds, stay tuned to the Betway Insider.




Cost of a Romantic Meal -

Cost of Stadium Parking - (NFL Fan cost Index 2021)

Cost of Stadium Ticket for NFL Game - (NFL Fan cost Index 2021)

Cost of a short-term rental near the stadium -

Scoreboard Message Cost – Email contact with stadiums and looking at various sources online.


This dataset ranks each NFL stadium, based on how good it is to propose to your partner there. To do this, 5 different factors were used. Once the data for the factors was collected, the factors were then normalized, to provide each factor with a score between 0 and 1. The normalized values were then summed, to give each stadium a total score out of 5. The stadiums were then ranked from highest to lowest, based on their total scores. Some stadiums may appear twice, due to being used by multiple teams, and having different ticket and parking prices. If a stadium did not respond to our queries or does not allow proposals or messages on the scoreboard, they were automatically given a score of -1 for the scoreboard message factor.

The factors used are as follows:

Cost of a Romantic Meal – The average local city cost of a 3-course meal for 2 people, at a mid-range restaurant, plus a mid-range bottle of wine.

Cost of Stadium Parking – The cost of stadium parking during an NFL game.

Cost of Stadium Ticket for NFL Game – The cost of a stadium ticket for an NFL game.

Cost of a short-term rental near the stadium – The average cost per night of a short-term rental property in the local city, over the past 3 months (7th August 2022 - 7th November 2022).

Scoreboard Message Cost – The cost of having a message displayed on the scoreboard during an NFL game.

The factors were indexed as follows:

Cost of a Romantic Meal - High value gets a low score. Low value gets a high score.

Cost of Stadium Parking - High value gets a low score. Low value gets a high score.

Cost of Stadium Ticket for NFL Game - High value gets a low score. Low value gets a high score.

Cost of a hotel/short-term rental near the stadium - High value gets a low score. Low value gets a high score.

Scoreboard Message Cost - High value gets a low score. Low value gets a high score.

Data gathered is correct as of 11/14/2022.

For the Atlanta Falcons, only season ticket holders may have a message on the scoreboard, hence the cost was calculated from the minimum price of a season ticket. The most recent data possible was used in compiling this dataset. To do this, some factors had to utilize data from previous years. All price data provided has been given in USD.