Super Bowl LVII is set and the reigning champions, the Kansas City Chiefs, will be going head-to-head with the San Francisco 49ers for the Lombardi Trophy in Las Vegas. But will this game mirror the win the Chiefs claimed against the 49ers in the 2020 season finale? Or will the 49ers take the win and tie with the Cowboys for the most Super Bowl wins of the NFC teams?

Body language expert, Inbaal, says: "There are big differences in the body language commonly used in each team ahead of the Super Bowl. The San Francisco 49ers' biggest strength is that they are united, not divided, whereas the Kansas City Chiefs' biggest strength is their sky-high confidence.

“The 49ers appear to value power over speed, whereas the Chiefs go for speed over power. The 49ers also exercise grounded body language, whereby their feet are planted firmly on the ground, and their strides are broad and well-balanced. On the other hand, the Chiefs display a bouncy, enthusiastic body language with their legs appearing flexed at all times, as though they’re ready to jump, pivot and respond to any unexpected moves.

The 49ers have a strong, unified bond of friendship

“The SF 49ers' unified team body language is indicative of their teamwork culture, whereas the KC Chiefs' playful body language shows a more hard-knock life culture, where it's each man for himself.”

“When the 49ers celebrate a touchdown, they all consistently join in, without jealousy or hierarchy. They jump for joy and throw their arms spontaneously in the air, showing how happy they are to celebrate their victories together, as a team. A win for a player is a win for them all.

Strong eye contact and trust could claim the win for the 49ers

“The most telling part of the team's body language, which the San Francisco 49ers share, is their constant eye contact while they play. Even when spread out across the pitch, players maintain consistent eye contact with one another, which in turn means that their posture is straight-backed and confident. 

“In their game vs Lions, their rivals kept their eyes glued to the opponent, whereas the 49ers kept their eyes on their teammates. This is a show of unity which makes them a strong and supportive team, and it also allows them to pull off complicated strategies with apparent ease. Their constant eye contact with their teammates means that the 49ers have a bond of trust with one another, and can predict moves before they happen, as they are attentive to their teammates' signs and cues before they execute a move. The 49ers' eye contact is a rarity amongst the teams, making their unified playing appear to be a feat of magic.

“A bond of friendship is apparent between the 49ers. They frequently point towards each other, on and off the pitch, and show affection by tapping their helmets together and exchanging glances. This demonstrates their commitment to being a unit. It's not an accident that they reached the Super Bowl, as they clearly invest in being a cohesive team.

Expert predicts the Chiefs’ power and commitment won’t be enough to beat the 49ers

“The Kansas City Chiefs are a team of mavericks, each one can change the direction of charge forward alone, ducking and diving, knowing that the team will back them up. Their body language consists of fast movements with their bodies tensed up, and ready for surprises at all times. They run with their glutes flexed in case they need to jump."

“Each Chiefs player is committed to the end result of a win, and their focus and determination never falters; they move with no hesitation. There are no weak links and they each give it their all, which makes for a powerful team performance. Their flexed and speedy moves are constant throughout each game.”

The San Francisco 49ers are ‘ready’ for the win

“Between the 49ers who are a tight and unified team, and the Chiefs who are a cavalcade of talented show-offs, the win must go to the 49ers. The Chiefs' quick and alert moves mean they're ready for any surprises, but the 49ers' bond of trust and teamwork style means that for them, there are no surprises. They're ready."

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