Super Bowl Sunday provides the highlight of the American sporting calendar, whilst also giving a special platform to some of the world’s biggest popstars. Every year, a huge musical figure engages all of their creativity to put on a spectacular show that often features several guests and extravagant stage designs. The Super Bowl 2023 halftime show featured Usher, who joins a long list of other performers to have collected millions of views on YouTube. This article details the top 10 most-watched Super Bowl clips of all time.

What is the most watched Super Bowl halftime show on YouTube?

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s glittering performance is the most-watched Super Bowl halftime show, full of salsa and pole dancing. The performance, which came at halftime of Super Bowl LIV, was high energy and even featured a duet with Jennifer Lopez’s daughter. It truly had it all!

Top 10 Most Watched Super Bowl Halftime Shows on YouTube

  1. Justin Timberlake - Super Bowl LII halftime show

YouTube views: 18 million

YT link:

One of the people on this list to appear on the Super Bowl stage multiple times is Justin Timberlake. The 2017 edition of his show began with an introduction from Jimmy Fallon before Timberlake appeared in a club-like scene within the stadium. He then emerged from the neon lasers on a ramp that took him down to the stadium floor, singing 'Rock Your Body' with an entourage of dancers.

Like many Super Bowl performances, Timberlake had a variety of stages to work his way through, treating viewers to his classic hits, including 'Sexy Back', 'My Love', and 'Cry Me a River'. A highlight from the set was an emotional tribute to Prince, in which Timberlake played the piano and a video projection of the legendary pop star played above.

Justin Timberlake finished by making his way back across the field and into the crowd, but not before an appearance from the Minnesota Marching Band. His last song was 'Can’t Stop the Feeling' to wrap up a very high-energy Super Bowl halftime show.

  1. Maroon 5 (feat. Travis Scott & Big Boi) - Super Bowl LIII halftime show

YouTube views: 21 million

YT link:

Maroon 5 opted to build up their performance slowly, starting with 'Harder to Breathe' and 'This Love'. The steady start was taken up a notch with the arrival of Travis Scott and Big Boi, who brought the energy that we come to expect from these high-profile halftime slots. Scott’s performance of 'Sicko Mode' and Big Boi’s rendition of Outkast’s 'The Way You Move' got the crowd going, but they were both upstaged soon after.

The more uplifting and energetic songs from the Maroon 5 library emerged in the second half of the performance, with 'Sugar' and 'Moves Like Jagger' proving very popular. The show was stolen, however, by lead singer Adam Levine, who ripped off his shirt during the high-energy finale. His bare-chested, heavily tattooed figure was the defining shot of the performance, and despite the fantastic reception in the stadium, he actually received some complaints from people who didn't appreciate the clothing being removed.

  1. The Weeknd - Super Bowl LV halftime show

YouTube views: 64 million

YT link:

The Weeknd was a huge booking for Super Bowl LV, and he did not disappoint. It was striking outfits galore, as The Weeknd emerged in a red blazer covered in crystals amongst a choir adorned in all-white clothing and glowing red eyes. 'Starboy' and 'The Hills' got the party started, but it was 'Can’t Feel My Face' that was the real highlight of the show. During this song, The Weeknd could be seen navigating his way through a labyrinth of mirrors, all while singing and being jostled by similarly dressed dancers with bandages on their faces.

The Weeknd’s songs 'I Feel It Coming' and 'Save Your Tears' also made an appearance with accompanying violinists. He finished up on the stadium floor, surrounded by dancers and singing 'Blinding Lights'. A spectacular fireworks display put the finishing touches on a dazzling halftime show.

  1. Lady Gaga - Super Bowl LI halftime show

YouTube views: 78 million

YT link:

Lady Gaga went all out for her Super Bowl halftime show, kicking off proceedings with renditions of 'God Bless America' and 'This Land Is Your Land' from the roof of the stadium. Modern technology was on full show as drones were used to form the US flag before Lady Gaga was slowly brought down from the roof whilst singing Poker Face.

With fireworks lighting up the stage and Lady Gaga now safely down from the roof, the popstar moved on to some of her biggest songs, such as 'Born This Way' and 'Just Dance', supported by a brilliant group of backup dancers. It was a lively performance that truly had it all.

After a calmer period that involved Lady Gaga playing the piano on the field, she finished with a bang by changing into an American football-influenced outfit and joining her dance crew to perform Bad Romance. The final shot was of Lady Gaga dropping the mic and catching a football while jumping off the platform. She knows how to play to the crowd for sure!

  1. Katy Perry (feat. Missy Elliott & Lenny Kravitz) - Super Bowl XLIX halftime show

YouTube views: 94 million

YT link:

Katy Perry’s Super Bowl show was a sparkling aesthetic experience. From entering on a giant mechanical lion to dancing sharks, it had it all. With the giant lion bringing her onto the stage, it came as no surprise that Perry started the show with 'Roar', one of her biggest songs.

'Dark Horse' followed soon after, with a giant chessboard emerging through the use of 3D visuals. The first of Katy Perry’s guests was Lenny Kravitz, who was joined on stage by some flame-thrower action while the duo sang 'I Kissed a Girl. The vibe and the scenery then underwent another drastic change, as Perry transitioned into 'Teenage Dream' and ‘California Gurls' on a stage adorned with palm trees, beach balls and dancing sharks. It was at this point that Perry was upstaged by Left Shark, who quickly became a popular internet meme.

'Firework' was the finale, giving the perfect excuse to let loose a breathtaking display of fireworks around the stadium. This was a Super Bowl performance with a huge amount of variety and is very worthy of being in the top 10.

  1. Coldplay (feat. Beyoncé & Bruno Mars) - Super Bowl 50 halftime show

YouTube views: 132 million

YT link:

Coldplay were a no-brainer decision for the NFL. Their sing-along classics provided all the feel-good factor during a rare sunlit halftime show. As you would expect from Coldplay, the Super Bowl 50 halftime show was a striking visual display of color. 'Viva La Vida' and 'Adventure of a Lifetime' got the crowd going, with the Youth Orchestra Los Angeles and the University of California’s Marching Band adding a fun twist to the performance. 

They also provided a throwback celebration with a medley of old classics such as 'Fix You' and 'Clocks'. Like many Super Bowl halftime shows, Coldplay welcomed some guests onto the stage. In this instance, the guests were so popular, that they earned themselves their own separate slot on this list…

  1. Beyoncé & Bruno Mars - Super Bowl 50 halftime show

YouTube views: 177 million

YT link:

Beyoncé and Bruno Mars were home-run guest selections by Coldplay. They were such a hit, that they got their own YouTube clip, which is the fourth most viewed Super Bowl Halftime clip on the platform. Chris Martin teased the appearance by throwing the spotlight over to Mark Ronson, mixing vinyl records, before Bruno Mars materialized to sing 'Uptown Funk'.

Fans then couldn’t believe their eyes when Beyoncé emerged to perform 'Formation' along with a dancing crew dressed as Black Panthers. It was a real spectacle and a must-watch moment in NFL history.

  1. Rihanna - Super Bowl LVII halftime show

YouTube views: 212 million

YT link:

Rihanna was the focus of the Super Bowl LVII halftime show. She teased a ‘special guest’ and blew fans away when that guest turned out to be a baby bump. What a platform to announce that you are pregnant. This was a big day for Rihanna and her fans, with her last live performance having been five years ago.

It was a relatively chilled halftime show in comparison to others on this list, but no less enjoyable. Rihanna had no guests and no outfit changes, but she didn't need it. One of the biggest popstars the world has ever seen relied on her fantastic setlist to put on a show for fans.

She started with 'Bitch Better Have My Money' before closing with huge tracks such as 'Run This Town,' 'Umbrella' and ‘Diamonds.' When you’re as big as Rihanna, you just need the music.

  1. Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar & 50 Cent - Super Bowl LVI halftime show

YouTube views: 257 million

YT link:

A Californian-based Super Bowl could mean only one thing; Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, Mary J. Blige and plenty of other hip-hop legends doing their thing. Special guests 50 Cent and Anderson .Paak added to the fun, in what was the first time that hip-hop had taken center stage at the Super Bowl.

With so many of the artists on stage having produced iconic tracks over the last three decades, the incredible show provided a welcome trip down memory lane. One of the biggest surprises was the arrival of 50 Cent, who hung upside down as he performed ‘In Da Club’ in one of the white trailer stages on the field. Eminem got his moment as well, as he performed 'Lose Yourself' before taking a knee, in what appeared to be a show of solidarity with Colin Kaepernick.

Eminem was joined by Anderson .Paak on the drums, with Dr. Dre playing piano at one point in a tribute to Tupac Shakur. From Kendrick Lamar’s 'm.A.A.d City' to Mary J. Blige’s 'Family Affair' this incredible performance was littered with Hip Hop royalty, new and old. It was a marvel, and there is no surprise that it comes in so high on the list.

  1. Shakira & J. Lo - Super Bowl LIV halftime show

YouTube views: 305 million

YT link:

Number one on our list is a high-octane, energetic performance from co-headliners, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez. Shakira kicked things off, transitioning between 'Dare' and 'She Wolf' whilst showing off her dance moves in a dazzling red sequin dress. Before J. Lo made an appearance, Shakira was joined by Bad Bunny for a medley, with the popular track 'Hips Don’t Lie' stealing the show shortly after.

When it was Jennifer Lopez’s turn to take the stage, she hit the crowd with 'Jenny From The Block' and 'Ain't It Funny'. She stole the show in her own way by pole dancing her way through 'Waiting For Tonight'. She was then joined by her daughter for a heartwarming rendition of 'Let’s Get Loud'.

Following this, Shakira, now dressed all in gold, rejoined the stage and the duo performed 'Waka Waka' before launching into a salsa number. This was a show that no one forgot quickly, and it is a worthy winner on our list of most viewed Super Bowl halftime shows.

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