Suns in 6 — the Nuggets have to prove they can stop Durant-Booker.

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Suns vs Nuggets Preview – NBA Western Conference Semifinals

Do you think the winner of this series goes on to represent the West in the Finals?

Joe Vardon, NBA writer for The Athletic: Yes — the Nuggets were the best in the West all year for a reason, and the Suns turned themselves into a legitimate contender by acquiring Durant.

Who’s the best player in this series: Jokic or Durant?

Durant — he’s a two-way player and unstoppable as a scorer.

Is there any particular player who will be the x-factor matchup that leads his team to a Western Conference Finals?

Booker — for as good as Durant is, Booker is the player who thrives when the opponent overcompensates for Durant.

Who wins the series and in how many games?

Suns in 6 — the Nuggets have to prove they can stop Durant-Booker.

Phoenix Suns vs Denver Nuggets Odds – NBA Playoffs Future Betting Lines

Series Winner:
Phoenix Suns - 134

Denver Nuggets +110

Total Number of Games:
4 Games +625

5 Games +260
6 Games +190
7 Games +190

Series Total Games
Over 4.5 -1250

Under 4.5 +550
Over 5.5 -223
Under 5.5 +155
Over 6.5 +200
Under 6.5 -286

Series Correct Score:
Denver Nuggets 4-0 +1400

Denver Nuggets 4-1 +550
Denver Nuggets 4-2 +600
Denver Nuggets 4-3 +450
Phoenix Suns 4-0 +1100
Phoenix Suns 4-1 +650
Phoenix Suns 4-2 +375
Phoenix Suns 4-3 + 450

Phoenix Suns vs Denver Nuggets Series Prediction and Future Picks

Joe Vardon Picks:

Series Winner: Suns (-134)  – Not convinced Denver can slow down the lethal one-two punch that is KD & Devin Booker.

Total Number of Games: 6 Games (+190)Suns hold the fort at home and grab one in Denver

Series Total Games: Over 5.5 (-223) 

Odds are subject to change*

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