NBA East Conference Play-In Tournament Predictions & Picks  Anthony Lima: So quickly. Joe, your seven and eight seed in the Eastern Conference will be who? 

Joe Vardon: Yeah. So it'll be the Heat and Hawks. 

Jason Lloyd: Yeah. I hate to agree with Joe. I wish we could argue on that, but I see it the same way. I think it's Heat & Hawks seven and eight. 

Picks to make the NBA Playoffs: 

MIAMI HEAT (7 seed)  


NBA Western Conference Play-In Tournament Predictions & Picks  

Anthony Lima: And Lloyd, your seven and eight seed in the Western Conference will be who? 

Jason Lloyd: Lakers. I like the Lakers coming out. And give me the Thunder. Give me the upstart Thunder. That's a team with a bright future. Obviously, they got a ton of picks ahead of them. I like OKC. 

Anthony Lima: Vardon, do you agree? 

Joe Vardon: I do. I mean, I don't know that arguing that with someone over a ten seed taking the eighth spot, but the Thunder are so fun and they shouldn't be here and they are. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander is going to be on some first team all-NBA ballots and get a couple MVP votes. He's been tremendous. Organizationally, they've done a great job and they're ahead of schedule. So why not? I mean, the Pelicans got off to such a good start. But Zion Williamson has just been a travesty in terms of being able to stay healthy and the impact that his body has had on that franchise. It stinks and you know, they're trying to move on without him out there but yeah, so let's go Thunder. 

The Picks to make the NBA Playoffs: 

LA LAKERS (7 seed)  


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