With the latest MLB season underway, thousands of fans across the country will be readying themselves for another action-packed year of thrills and excitement. But for those heading to the stadiums, how much does it actually cost to be a baseball fan? We decided to investigate.

Ranking each MLB team according to the combined cost of a ticket, food, drink, parking, and merchandise, we can reveal which baseball teams charge their fans the most. We’ve also predicted how much you’ll be spending by 2027!

The cost of being an MLB fan in 2023

As the new MLB season begins, it’s Boston Red Sox fans who’ll be paying the highest price to watch their team. In fact, the average cost to attend a Red Sox game in 2023 will be $132.91 – though, with four World Series wins in the last 20 years, more than any other franchise, supporters are at least enjoying elite-level baseball. The steep cost is contributed to by having the most expensive tickets ($61.71) and beer ($12.67) in the league.

Next up, it’ll cost $125.21 to attend a Chicago Cubs game this season, including $83.44 for a ticket and parking, while the New York Yankees gameday experience will set you back just over $123. The Yankees actually have the second-most expensive tickets ($61.59), on average – up 29.3% vs 2018 - though the cost of a beer at the Yankee Stadium ($8) is cheaper than city neighbors the Mets ($9.60).

Meanwhile, the San Francisco Giants are the fourth-most expensive MLB team to visit, with a day out at Oracle Park costing $118.24 on average, followed by the Houston Astros ($111.66) and Washington Nationals ($109.33). Interestingly, the Giants have the most expensive parking ($28.20) and second-most expensive beer ($12), the Astros have the third-priciest tickets ($58.61), and the Nationals sell the league’s third-costliest hot dogs ($6.95).

Rounding out the ten most expensive MLB teams by gameday experience, we have the Los Angeles Dodgers ($104.55), trailed by the Chicago White Sox ($102.54), Oakland Athletics ($100.38), and Philadelphia Phillies ($99.99).

At the other end of the table, the Arizona Diamondbacks are the cheapest MLB team to support, costing just $57.70 for the full fan experience – here, you’ll also find the cheapest baseball tickets, at just $22.12 each on average. The Los Angeles Angels and Tampa Bay Rays are the only other teams charging less than $70 overall. Meanwhile, if it’s just entry you’re after, the Miami Marlins offer the second-cheapest admission ($23.27), which is now 26.7% cheaper than 2018.

Curiously, if you’re wanting to tick off a few teams on your travels, we’d suggest steering clear of the eastern divisions if you’re on a budget, with the average cost of watching all NL East or AL East teams coming to $95 and $94 per game, respectively. In contrast, AL Central is the cheapest MLB division, with each game costing just $86 on average.

How much will MLB fans be paying in 2027?


We’ve ranked the most expensive MLB teams to visit this season, but what does the future hold for baseball fans?

Well, looking ahead, the Boston Red Sox maintain their hold at the top, with the cost of enjoying a day out at Fenway Park forecasted to exceed $154 by 2027, or almost $400 for the whole family. Interestingly, they’re followed by the Washington Nationals, who are bumped up four places and expected to be just the second team to charge over $150 per game. Incredibly, this represents a 39% increase over the next four years, due to be the most significant rise of any MLB franchise.

Meanwhile, supporting the Houston Astros will cost $141.98 by 2027; though, a family day out will set you back an astonishing $428.23, more than any other team. The price of an Astros gameday ticket ($83.34) is also expected to exceed any other MLB team in four years’ time.

Next up, we have the San Francisco Giants ($140.94), New York Yankees ($134.34), Oakland Athletics ($131.77), and Los Angeles Dodgers ($131.65), while the Texas Rangers ($127.79) place eighth. Finally, rounding out the ten most expensive MLB teams to support by 2027, we have a double dose of Chicago with the White Sox ($127.61) and Cubs ($123.26).

At the other end of the table, the Arizona Diamondbacks will continue to be the cheapest MLB team for fans, with the full gameday experience costing just $61.07 by 2027. They’re followed by the Los Angeles Angels ($63.46) and Miami Marlins ($63.75), each of which will be cheaper to support in four years than today.

Finally, turning our attention to each MLB division, it’s AL West which is expected to be the most expensive for fans by 2027, with each game due to cost almost $110 on average. This is 20% more than this year, and slightly more expensive than attending all AL East ($108) or NL East ($108) games. Meanwhile, NL Central will be the cheapest MLB division by 2027, with the cost per game set to increase by just 7% to $97.

As we look ahead to another exciting year of MLB action, it’ll be interesting to see whether the teams charging the most are those fighting for the World Series this autumn. In the meantime, check out all the latest baseball betting odds or MLB news for your favorite team.


To determine the cost of being an MLB fan, we considered six factors:

  • The average price of a standard ticket for one game
  • The cost of a 16oz beer
  • The cost of a 16oz soft drink
  • The cost of a hot dog
  • The average price of parking within the stadium parking lot
  • The price of a team hat

For each MLB team, the cost of each factor was combined, and all franchises were ranked. To determine the cost of being an MLB fan in 2027, a forecast function was run for each factor.

The total cost of being a fan includes 1 ticket, 1 beer, 1 soft drink, 1 hot dog, parking, and 1 hat. The total cost for a family includes 4 tickets, 2 beers, 2 soft drinks, 4 hot dogs, parking, and a hat.

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