Taylor Swift's dedicated fan base, often referred to as "Swifties", is a powerful force in its own right. These passionate fans not only contribute significantly to the music industry by buying albums, concert tickets, and merchandise in droves but also extend their influence on various sectors of the economy.

Her recent romance with NFL star Travis Kelce only seems to underscore the enduring "Taylor Swift effect" on matters of the heart, as fans eagerly followed the quarterback and the Chiefs account online increasing their following by over a million in just a few days!

But which state has the most Taylor Swift fans in 2023? Our study analyzed hundreds of Google searches from the past year to determine the most Swifties capitals in the country.

Drumroll, please...

Here are the top 5 states with the most Taylor Swift fans based on yearly Google search results per capita:

  1. Florida - With a staggering 5,502,720 yearly searches about Taylor Swift, Florida ranks as the ultimate hub for Taylor Swift fans, with 81,910 searches per capita!
  2. Ohio - Ohio takes the second spot with 3,021,240 yearly searches and 38,771 searches per capita.
  3. Virginia - Virginia secures the third position with 2,028,240 yearly searches, averaging 31,345 searches per capita.
  4. New York - The Empire State is not far behind, with 5,495,520 yearly searches, translating to 26,004 searches per capita.
  5. Illinois - Illinois rounds up the top five with 3,685,200 yearly searches and 19,005 searches per capita.

It's clear that Taylor Swift's music and charisma have captured the hearts of fans across the nation, and these states are leading the charge!

Whether you're a die-hard Swiftie or just someone who enjoys her music, this data highlights the widespread appeal of Taylor Swift's work.

The full list of the most die-hard Swifties states is as follows:



This dataset ranks all the states, based on the average search volume for terms relevant to ‘Taylor Swift’. To reveal the states with the most 'Swifties' Keyword.io tool was used. We sourced the average number of searches for relevant terms from the past 12 months per state.

The total population for each state was taken into consideration to determine the number of searches per state per 10,000 people.

Data correct as of 09.29.23

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