There’s been a lot of talk lately about disruptive fan behavior during live events. In 2023, pop singer Pink had cremated ashes thrown at her while performing, fans have been recorded screeching at the top of their lungs throughout Taylor Swift concerts, and streakers made almost weekly appearances on football fields. But out of so many fans in the US, which state has the friendliest and rowdiest fans of all?

To find out, we created a list of common annoying and ‘bad’ behaviors people may showcase at concerts and sporting events. We then surveyed over 2,000 people in the US, asking which they have previously experienced and which of these behaviors annoy them the most. We also looked at which sports fans they find the most respectful.

Lastly, we put together some top tips for fans on how to stay respectful at different events and still enjoy yourself.

The states with the friendliest fansWe can all lose ourselves a little when we’re watching our favorite artist or sports team in the flesh. From screaming loudly throughout a concert to standing when you should be seated, many things can impact the fan experience. We created a list of 23 different behaviors commonly seen during sports and concert events and asked respondents which they have experienced the most.


Our survey revealed that Nebraskans exhibit the least disruptive behavior, with an average of just three out of 23 behaviors experienced by people at different events.

Though Nebraska reported the fewest negative behaviors, the most common for concerts specifically was being overly intoxicated, with 33.3% saying they had witnessed this before. For sporting events, 33.3% of respondents said talking loudly throughout was the most irritating.

This is followed by South Dakota, at five behaviors, and Missouri, Idaho, and Utah, all with seven behaviors on average.
The states with the rowdiest fansOur survey revealed that fans in Wisconsin are the rowdiest out of all states analyzed. Out of 23 annoying behaviors exhibited by fans, respondents here reported that they had experienced 13 of these on average.

Screaming loudly during a concert was the behavior experienced by most respondents in Wisconsin, with 76.7% of people saying they’ve witnessed fans doing this. For sports events, 73.3% of people here said that fans standing when they should be seated was the behavior they’ve seen the most.

Louisiana, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, and Minnesota rank next for having the rowdiest fans with an average of 12 behaviors.

Overall, singing loudly during a concert has been experienced most (by a total of 14 states), while a further eight states said fans talking to others during a performance was the most common behavior.

For sports games, fans standing when they should be seated comes out on top, voted for by 14 states overall, followed by fans trying to pick a fight, voted for by 12 states.
The behaviors people find the most selfish and annoyingThere are plenty of things that can impact our experience at concerts and sports games, especially when tickets are expensive and difficult to get a hold of in the first place. We found out which of these behaviors are considered the most irritating and selfish.
The most irritating habits at concerts

The number one most annoying behavior is people standing up in their seats (86.1%), meaning others behind need to also stand so they can see. Just under a third of those surveyed (31.8%) went as far as saying this would ruin their experience at a concert entirely.

Coming in second place is people pushing or shoving to get to the front, with 85.7% of respondents saying they have experienced this before and over a quarter (27.2%) saying this would even ruin their experience.

In third place is another visibility issue: people holding a sign and therefore blocking people’s view from behind (84.8%). Almost a third of respondents said this would ruin the concert if this happened to them.


The most annoying behaviors at sporting events

Many of us love to have a drink or two when we're watching our favorite sporting event live, but our study shows that some fans are taking it too far. 81% of respondents said that people being overly intoxicated is the most annoying behavior at a sports game, and 32.2% of fans said that being around extremely drunk fans would ruin their experience.

Concerts and sports games aren’t that different when it comes to annoying behaviors. Ranking second for the most bothersome behavior at a sports event is people standing up when they should be seated, with 79.3% of respondents voting for this.

We can all get a little competitive when it comes to sports, but our survey shows that some fans are getting a little too passionate. Just over three-quarters (75.9%) of respondents said that people being rowdy and trying to pick a fight with other team fans is annoying and selfish. A further 36.5% of those surveyed said this would ruin their experience.


The sports with the most respectful fans

We also asked respondents to select the sports that have the most respectful fans. Our results show that golf fans are the most respectful, with 31.4% voting for this. Tennis fans rank next, with just under a quarter of respondents saying these fans are respectful. Baseball comes in third place, with 15.1% of respondents expressing an appreciation for these fans.


Tips for how to be respectful at a live event and still have the time of your lifePracticing concert and sports game etiquette doesn’t have to ruin your fun. There are ways to be a great fan, be respectful to others, and still have an unforgettable experience. Here are some tips on how to do just that:

1. Be conscious of your surroundingsA simple way to stay respectful is to be aware of where you are and the people around you. If you’re tall, try to be conscious of people positioned behind you, who might not be able to see at all. You could stay seated rather than stand, or offer for people behind to go in front of you.

If you get offered to sit on someone's shoulders, think about declining so that people behind you can see. Whether it’s a concert or a sporting event, make sure you’re keeping to your own personal space and not impeding anyone else's experience. Everyone deserves to be there equally.

2. Enjoy the momentThere’s nothing wrong with taking your camera out to film or take pictures. Be mindful of how long you’re doing this, as this can block other fans’ views if your arm is up in the air. You might also find that you enjoy the experience more when focusing on what’s around you rather than trying to capture every second of what’s happening.

Similarly, if you have a sign you’re holding up, try to limit how much you put this up in the air, as you could be blocking the view of people behind you.

3. Stay safeIt can be tempting to throw a gift to your favorite artist or sportsperson, but avoid doing this. Even if it’s something nice and soft, and you’re not aiming for them, it can still be disruptive and sometimes even dangerous.

Safety is the most important part of any live event, whether it’s sports or a concert. Be conscious of what’s happening, and look out for yourself and others. Make sure you, and those around you, have enough space.
Methodology:Survey of 2,057 Americans aged 21+ was conducted in March 2024.