It’s no secret how popular the NFL is, with millions of fans up and down the country tuning in to watch their favorite teams each week. But which franchises have the most widespread support? We decided to find out…

Analyzing social media data using HypeAuditor, we’ve been able to determine the states and cities in which you’ll find fans of each team (beyond the franchise’s home location). Read on to see where your team ranks!

Which NFL teams have the most out-of-state support?


Analyzing where supporters of each NFL team are based, we can reveal that the Minnesota Vikings officially have the highest rate of out-of-state support. This comes as an incredible 95.8% of Vikings fans live outside the state lines, with just 4.2% of supporters living in Minnesota.

Following closely, only 5.3% of Indianapolis Colts fans live in the franchise’s home state of California, while it’s a similar story for the Green Bay Packers (6%). This means at least 94% of each team’s supporters reside outside the Golden State. 

Meanwhile, the New England Patriots have the fourth-widest reaching fanbase, with a staggering 92.9% of supporters living outside Massachusetts – including 4% in nearby New York and 4.7% in California - ahead of the Pittsburgh Steelers (91.3%) and Seattle Seahawks (91%). Interestingly, the Pittsburgh Steelers are particularly prominent in Florida (4.7%), Texas (4.3%), and California (4.3%), with more than 1 in 8 fans living in these states.

Ranking seventh, more than 90% of Las Vegas Raiders fans travel from beyond Nevada to support their team, followed by the Washington Commanders (89.5%), who have a strong supporter base in California (4.6%).

Finally, rounding out the ten most out-of-market NFL teams, we have Super Bowl LVII champs the Kansas City Chiefs (89%), whose recent on-field success may have contributed to their growing, nationwide fanbase, and the Denver Broncos (87.5%).  

Which NFL teams have the most in-state support?

At the other end of the table, the Houston Texans officially have the highest rate of home support, with more than 1-in-3 fans living in the Lone Star State.

They’re joined by the Los Angeles Chargers (24%) and Chicago Bears (24%), while the Giants (21.3%), Jets (21%), Browns (20%), and Eagles (18.6%) also rank impressively. Curiously, though, the Giants’ next-strongest supporter base comes from California (4.5%), while the Jets boast a significant fanbase in Florida (4.9%).

Which NFL teams have the most out-of-city support?

Next up, we decided to investigate the NFL teams with the most out-of-city support, looking at how many fans for each franchise actually live in the immediate area – and how many live elsewhere.

Taking top spot with the broadest reach, an astonishing 97.7% of Green Bay Packers fans live outside the city of Milwaukee, meaning just 1 in every 44 Packers supporters live in the Cream City.

Next up, the Buffalo Bills have an out-of-city supporter rate of 96.8%, followed by the Vikings (96%), Colts (95.3%), and 49ers (93.7%). Meanwhile, 1-in-16 San Francisco 49ers and Los Angeles Chargers fans live in the franchises’ home cities, trailed by the New England Patriots (6.9%). Unsurprisingly, Boston is the main hub of Pats fans, but New York City (3.4%) is close behind!

Ranking eighth, 92.5% of the Pittsburgh Steelers fanbase live outside the franchise’s home city, with NYC (2.8%), Miami (2.5%), and Las Vegas (2%) the next best cities for Steelers support. Meanwhile, finally, the Seattle Seahawks (91.3%) and Las Vegas Raiders (90.5%) round out our top ten teams for out-of-city support.

Which NFL teams have the most in-city support?

We’ve looked at the NFL franchises with the widest reach, but which have the strongest rate of support from their home city?

Just like our previous ranking, the Houston Texans have the highest percentage of supporters who live in the immediate area, with a whopping 33% living in Space City.

They’re followed by the Chicago Bears (24%), Atlanta Falcons (22.2%), and New York Giants (18.1%), while the Browns (17.6%), Jets (16.8%), and Eagles (16.1%) also rank well. Interestingly, the Eagles place among the franchises with the highest rate of ‘second city support’ – with New York City home to 5% of the Philly fandom.

So, what do you make of the results? The NFL is a global and wide-reaching game, so it’s no surprise that its franchises generate support across the country – but it’ll be interesting to see if the ranking changes in the coming years!

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This dataset projects the total percentage of supporters outside of a specific team's home state/city. All data is correct as of 09/04/23.

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