Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift Relationship Body Language Q&A - Boyfriend 2023:

What do you make of Taylor Swift’s body language towards Travis Kelce?

Inbaal: So to me they are very, very different in their body language. Her body language has been a little bit reserved, especially for a Sagittarius. She looks down a lot, she doesn't engage with him or with photographers so we’re seeing a lot of her walking ahead and on Travis's side. We see a lot of him holding her hand, helping her out of the car so he engages and looks at her, but she doesn't look back. Even in photos where we've got them sort of facing each other. The photo of him kissing her head, I'm looking at her body is away from him, but she is engaging with him, interested in what he brings to the story. So that's sort of being fully attentive to what she has to say. That's being receptive to anything she brings in. 

We've got him kissing the top of her head, which, fair enough. He's like 9-foot tall, isn't he? But it's again him engaging and her being kind of semi involved in the proceedings. So, to me, that would suggest that he is fully committed to the relationship, fully committed to their interaction, willing to take on whatever challenges the relationship this high profile would bring. Whereas I would class her as cautious and careful. I think it's a real relationship. It looks to me like a real relationship. It doesn't look like a PR job. It looks real. I feel like she's waiting to see how things go before she sort of puts herself across. 

Even when we see them separately, there are some good images of her watching a game next to his mum and she was interacting with fans, putting her thumbs up, but as she was putting her thumbs up, her arms were covering her body, so she’s not put her thumbs up as she is not keen to share from her private life. Whereas, I wouldn’t say he is keen but he is open, so he is accepting. That's kind of part of his job to be, to be a consumable. 

Is her body language different when she watches Travis play? Inbaal:  Really, really interesting question because. I hadn't noticed it until you asked, but in the pictures of her watching, she doesn't have her eyes lowered. There are thousands of pictures from a single game, and in all of them she's keeping her eyes on him, she’s engaging with her fans, and that appears as if she feels more at home in her engagement with her fan base than with her new boyfriend. 

I don't think I've ever, ever seen a picture of him without her on his arm. So, let's see what he looks like on his own... When Travis is with Taylor, it shows him looking directly at her or we have a lot of pictures of him leading her out of cabs, leading her past waiting photographers. So, he looks straight ahead whereas when he’s interviewed after a game or when he looks at the other people watching his game. He looks upwards which is even more enthusiastic, even more excited, even more engaged.  Both of them are in parallel and are a little more reserved with each other than they are in their work environment. It's just that Taylor’s ‘neutral’ is at the lower eye level and Travis' ‘neutral’ is at a higher high level. So, he goes from neutral to looking up and she goes from looking down to neutral. 

What about their body language in terms of a level of intimacy and trust?Inbaal: To me it looks like he is fully engaged, fully committed. It appears to me from the way that he presents himself around her that he trusts her completely. What we don't see is his shoulders turning away from her. He looks fully at her. His body faces her fully and when he leads her; again, it's very consistent. The head and the body are in unison.  Whereas Taylor's got more of a of more of a variety of stances around him. I don't think it means that her intimacy around him is lacking. What it looks like to me is as if she's more aware of there being photographers around. She cares about there being photographers around and instead of just relating to him, she engages in what looks to me like posing very specifically, the kind of ‘shoulder off jacket’ which I can tell you as a wearer of jackets, it is no comfortable way to keep warm but that's something that would result in a fabulous photo. Her approach towards him to me, is inconclusive. She might be timid or more aloof between the two of them or it might just come across like that because she's posing. We've got lots of close-ups on there on them holding hands. 

I'm a Pisces so I'm into hand holding. I think that's like where it all is and we have a lot, a lot of pictures of his hand circling hers which is a little uneven because then one person is protecting the other. One person is offering their comfort so Travis is offering security, but her hand is done up like a fist which is reserved. The touch between the palm to palm like peak intimacy from the softest part of the hand, the softest part of the hand, that's two people comforting each other. But in the hand holding pictures, Taylor appears to not want to give too much away. 

Who do you think wears the trousers in the relationship?

Inbaal: Taylor's evasiveness gets to call the shots because Travis’ openness leaves no room for secrecy. He's happy to follow in whatever she decides. I would stick with her, calling the shots even though we've got him ahead of her in a lot of images; I would stick with her calling the shot and leading from behind. 

Do you see any red flags? Inbaal: See, the green flag of a man being so besotted that he doesn't care who wants to say why and to whom I can deduce that if Taylor remains reserved in the face of such over-affection then she

may be cautious about relationships in general. I wouldn't put it as a red flag because I don’t think either of them has particularly toxic trains, but I do think Taylor takes extra precautions to not be hurt. 

I Does Taylor Swift act differently compared to previous relationships with Harry Styles for instance?

There's not been an awful lot of photos of her dating life, but this is the first time we’ve really seen her hand in hand with somebody, not just sort of posing on a red carpet. In some photos when she was young, I’m looking particularly at a picture with a very embarrassing John Mayer, and she leans towards him which shows that she is kind of fangirling over him. So, there was a time when she was uncomfortable taking the lead in a relationship and they’re not even touching. He's looking straight ahead with a smirk, and he's looking at her with his lips thinned. So however long that relationship took, it was not long enough for them to develop strong emotions for one another. 

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