The Premier League is one of the most popular sports leagues in the world, and its fanbase in the United States is growing significantly every year. But which teams’ jerseys American fans are searching for online the most to gift to their loved ones?

According to a new study by Betway, Manchester United is the most searched-for Premier League kit in the United States ahead of Christmas, ranking first in 26 states.

The Red Devils are followed by Liverpool and Chelsea, with Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur rounding out the top five. Interestingly, the most popular teams vary depending on the state. For example, Manchester United’s kit is the most popular in California, Arizona, and Florida, while Liverpool is the top team in Georgia, Massachusetts, and Michigan.

Here are some of the most interesting findings from the study:

  • Manchester United is the most searched-for Premier League kit in the United States.
  • The study also found that there is a significant regional difference in Premier League fandom. The Northeast is home to the most Premier League fans, followed by the West Coast and the Midwest. The South has the fewest Premier League fans.


With Christmas just around the corner, it's no surprise that Americans are searching for Premier League kits online to gift to their loved ones. After all, what better way to show your support for your favorite team than by sporting their kit ahead of Boxing day games?

These findings suggest that the Premier League is becoming increasingly popular in the United States and that American fans are starting to develop allegiances to specific teams. This is likely due in part to the growing availability of Premier League matches on American television, as well as the increasing popularity of fantasy Premier League.


We sourced the average Google search volume per capita for all the Premier League kits for searches for 'Team's name + jersey' from November 2023 until December 2023 to reveal which are the most sought out after kits to gift ahead of the holidays per state.

All data is correct as of 12/21/2023

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