I still kind of consider (might be a little selfish) but, my own Smashburger is still my favorite burger.

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Mitchell Schwartz former Kansas City Chiefs and Cleveland Browns OT reveals his next food truck menu ideas.

In New Jersey and New York city areas, we are big on food trucks. What would you serve if you ran a food truck?   

Mitchell Schwartz: Yeah, it's something whenever I do my kind of recipes online, people always ask like, “Hey, are you opening a restaurant? You can open a restaurant.” You know, that's tough business. I think like you're saying the food truck might be a more modest start.

I'd probably I'd have to serve some sort of like steak or meat. Like I feel like that's part of me as a big guy, an offensive lineman. Especially being in the Midwest. I don't know that I lean into barbecue as much as I like cooking it.

I tend to leave the professional barbecue to the professionals and, as we just talked about, I love to go eat all their competition level barbecue and all the restaurant quality. I just kind of do the home cooking stuff and I would feel a little weird about serving barbecue myself.

So I feel like I’d lean into steak a little bit. Make sure to have a few good steaks, good steak possibilities. Obviously if you're eating a food truck, you're probably not going to, you know, sit down and enjoy a 16 ounce ribeye or anything like that. But some sort of steak item maybe you put into tacos, maybe you do a nice steak sandwich. But also I think smash burgers. I think for me smash burger is just so good.

I mean, they're so amazing. And again, there's so much good burger recipes, places, fast-foods. Whether it's fast food or kind of a higher level, Kansas City has the whole spectrum of high level barbecues down to the good fast food stuff. But kind of that more like, homemade right off the griddle smash burger.

I still kind of consider (might be a little selfish) but you know, my own Smashburger is still my favorite burger. I just think there's something about it that like, I don't quite know what it is, but I just make it really well...You get that nice soft brioche bun, you get the little bit of mayo, a little bit of mustard, a little bit of ketchup, the beautiful caramelization on the burgers, get that melty cheese and some flakes on you and some tomato, that shredded lettuce and it comes together.

So I feel like again, food trucks are usually kind of quicker food more hands on eating on the move. So I feel like you got to have a smash burger in there. And I probably have a Schwartz combo, which involves two of them, because I feel like smash burgers, for whatever reason, I don't know how you feel but for me, they go down smooth. And so if I eat one, no matter how many patties I have on it, it seems like there's always room for a second and to make sure to have my big guys hooked up. I’d make sure you got a meal on there where you can just order one thing, but two burgers come with it. So you don't have the shame of having to order two different things. 

That’s the other thing: it's fun to cook at home. It's easy because you're literally overcooking the meat. Like you're cooking it until it's caramelized. And then you're flipping and putting the cheese on. So there's no worry about, “hey, is this going to be done at the right temperature? Do I have to put a thermometer in it. Like, I'm worried that my guests, some of them like medium, some like medium rare. Some like well done.”

You know, Smashburger is the same every time and it only takes 45 seconds to a minute to come together. So it's quick, it's easy, and it's fun to do. There's a lot of margin for error because of it. I think it's the tastiest one as well. So yeah, for all you home cooks out there if you haven't tried it yet, I do think Smashburger is worth your time because it's tasty and it's easy to do, and it's quick as well. 

Wanna try the Schwartz's Combo? Leave a comment at @betwayusa to convince Mitchell.

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