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Superstition and sport have long been paired, with many athletes undertaking regular routines before heading out onto the field, whether it be eating unusual foods or following unconventional rituals. But the players aren’t the only ones who stick to a pre-game pattern, with many supporters also believing in certain superstitions.

In fact, over half of all NFL fans (54%) consider themselves to be superstitious, with the most common practices including wearing lucky clothes – almost 80% of fans admit to this - sitting in a lucky seat (35.6%), eating the same food before each game (35.4%), and wearing face paint (33%).

And though many don’t truly believe that their superstitions affect their team’s performance, over half think their routine impacts a game’s outcome at least slightly (59.1%). But which set of NFL supporters are officially the most superstitious? We decided to find out.

Surveying 1,250 NFL fans of all ages and genders across the US, as well as measuring social media data, we’ve been able to determine the most superstitious supporters, as well as the teams considered to be the unluckiest when it comes to the Super Bowl.

The most and least superstitious NFL fanbases

Analyzing our research, we can reveal that the most superstitious set of supporters, according to NFL fans, is that of the Dallas Cowboys. In fact, more than one in four football fans believe the Cowboys rank among the most cautious, including 35.1% of those aged 21-24.

However, when analyzing social media activity, the Cowboys actually rank 14th, with just 135 fan posts referencing superstitions, while the Chicago Bears come out on top (573), ahead of the Las Vegas Raiders (465) and New York Giants (433).

The Atlanta Falcons are considered the second-most superstitious franchise, claiming an incredible 21.5% of the vote - though, they’re perceived to be the most cautious fanbase among men (27.9%). Meanwhile, the Chicago Bears (20%) follow closely in third, ahead of the Buffalo Bills (16.8%) and Green Bay Packers (15.7%).

Interestingly, while the Buffalo Bills are considered to be the most superstitious team on the East Coast, respondents from the region actually consider supporters of the New York Giants (33.6%) to be the most cautious, while the New York Jets (22%) also feature ahead of the Bills (14.9%).

At the other end of the table, our research suggests that the least superstitious NFL fanbase is that of the Arizona Cardinals (2.2%), followed by the Washington Commanders (3.8%), who also record the second-fewest social media posts referencing superstition (57) – closely followed by the Tennessee Titans (3.9%).

Among female fans, though, just behind the Commanders (3.1%), second place is shared between supporters of the Indianapolis Colts (3.6%) and Jacksonville Jaguars (3.6%).


Which teams are the unluckiest Super Bowl contenders?

Ahead of the Super Bowl in February, we also decided to delve into which teams NFL supporters believe to be the unluckiest when it comes to the big game.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, considering their unfortunate run of four straight Super Bowl defeats in the early 90s, the Buffalo Bills rank top with 25.7% of the vote – though, with the latest odds placing the Bills among the favorites for this year’s title, fans might finally soon have something to celebrate.

Next up, we have the Atlanta Falcons (24.2%) who famously fell victim to the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history after blowing a 28-3 lead vs Tom Brady’s Patriots just a few years ago.


In third, one in five fans consider the Chicago Bears to rank among the most unfortunate Super Bowl franchises, while the Dallas Cowboys (18.6%) and Cleveland Browns (18.4%) round out the top five. The Cowboys may be a surprising inclusion, considering their historic success as one of only a handful of teams to win 5+ titles, but they’ve not made a Championship appearance in nearly 30 years.

On the flipside, the New Orleans Saints, New England Patriots, Arizona Cardinals, and Philadelphia Eagles received the lowest rate of votes, with less than 5% apiece. Just like the Bills, the Eagles are also among the favorites for this year’s title, so could do with a little extra luck before the Championship game.

So that’s it, Cowboys fans are the most superstitious and the Bills are the unluckiest team! For even more interesting insight from our NFL experts, stay tuned to the Betway blog.