When you think of the Packers, you think of a few things: legendary quarterbacks, Vince Lombardi. Lambeau Field and Cheeseheads. In this Betway Insider top 10, we’ll just be talking about the former.

As usual, all stats are courtesy of Pro-Football-Reference.com and are updated through the end of the 2023 regular season.

Who is the Green Bay Packers Starting Quarterback?

The Green Bay Packers 2023 starting quarterback is Jordan Love, in his first year as the starter.

Who is the Green Bay Packers backup Quarterback?

The Green Bay Packers 2023 backup quarterback is Sean Clifford, who was a fifth-round pick in the 2023 NFL draft.

Green Bay Packers Quarterbacks History

Packers quarterback history mostly belongs to three men: Aaron Rodgers, Bart Starr, and Aaron Rodgers. The franchise has hardly been competitive without one of these three men under center.

Famous Green Bay Packers Quarterbacks

Other famous quarterbacks for the Packers include Cecil Isbel and Arnie Herber, two stars of the early NFL.

Ranking the Top 10 Best Green Bay Packers Quarterbacks of all time

  1. Matt Flynn, 2008-2011

Former Packers QB Matt Flynn has the least starts of any player on this list -- he had just 6 in Green Bay. Flynn notably got one dead-rubber start on the final day of the 2011 campaign against the Detroit Lions and balled out, setting a then-Green Bay record with 480 yards in an exciting victory.

Flynn’s overall numbers in Green Bay were fine: 3-3 record, 2227 yards, 16-10 QB-INT. But his start against the Lions will never be forgotten.

  1. Jordan Love, 2020-Present

Current Packers starting quarterback Jordan Love did more than enough in his first season as a starter to earn a spot on this list. The 2020 first-round pick out of Utah finally got his chance to start when veteran starter Aaron Rodgers was traded to the New York Jets.

Love led the Packers to a surprising 9-8 record thanks to the team’s strong offense. All of Love’s weapons were first or second-year players, but that hardly mattered as he threw for 4159 yards and 32 scores as Green Bay marched into the playoffs.

In two road playoff games, Love threw for 466 yards and 5 touchdowns as the Packers came agonizingly close to a NFC Championship Game appearance.

  1. Tobin Rote, 1950-1956

Former Packers QB Tobin Rote’s career came right smack in the middle of the franchise’s periods of success. This wasn’t entirely his fault as his 26-46-1 Packers record might suggest; his 89-119 TD-INT ratio in Green Bay wasn’t great.

Tobin led the NFL in passing touchdowns twice as a Packer and passing yards once -- he did both in a magical 1956 campaign. He was a 2x Second-team All-Pro and a 1x Pro Bowler in Green Bay before winning a NFL Championship as a co-starter in Detroit.

  1. Cecil Isbel, 1938-1942

Former Packers tailback Cecil Isbell only spent five years as a pro. In an era where quarterbacks technically didn’t exist, he was the do-everything metronome in the backfield.

Isbell led the NFL in both passing yards and touchdowns in 1941 and 1942, earning First-team All-Pro Honors in the former. The 4x Pro Bowler led the Packers to the NFL Championship in 1939, helping Isbell earn a spot on the NFL’s 1930 All-Decade team.

  1. Don Majkowski, 1987-1992

Former Packers QB Don “the Majik Man'' Majkowski is the answer to a popular NFL trivia question: who did Brett Favre replace in the Green Bay lineup? But Majkowksi should be remembered as more than a trivia question, mainly thanks to his stupendous 1989 season.

In 1989, Majkowski led the NFL with 4318 passing yards as the Packers went 10-6 and narrowly missed out on a playoff spot, though he was a Pro Bowler and Second-team All-Pro.

He has the sixth-most passing yards in franchise history.

  1. Arnie Herber, 1930-1940

Former Packers tailback/quarterback Arnie Herber was arguably the first great NFl quarterback; he even played in an era where stats were not counted until his third year in the league.

Herber has an impressive CV:

  • 4x NFL Champion
  • 1x First-team All-Pro, 2x Second-team All-Pro
  • 3x NFL passing yards leader, 3x NFL passing touchdowns leader
  • NFL 1930s All-Decade Team
  • Pro Football Hall of Fame
  1. Lynn Dickey, 1976-1985

Former Packers QB Lynn Dickey led the franchise through some lean seasons in the late 1970s before the team had their heads above water again in the 1980s. This was hardly Dickey’s fault, despite what his 43-56-2 record depicted.

While he struggled in his chances in the 1970s, he matured by the 1980s. He posted his first large-sample positive TD-INT ratio in 1981 but fully blossomed in 1983, leading the NFL with 4458 passing yards and 32 passing touchdowns (though he also led the league with 29 interceptions).

Dickey had the Packers in the playoffs once during his tenure. In all, he ranks fourth in franchise history for passing yards, passing touchdowns, and QB wins.

  1. Brett Favre, 1992-2007

Out of Green Bay’s legendary three quarterbacks, someone had to finish in third. For our list, it’s Pro Football Hall of Famer Brett Favre, a Super Bowl Champion and 3x NFL MVP. Favre was the quarterback of his era, earning a spot on the NFL’s 1990s All-Decade team, though he was also great in the 2000s.

Favre was an 11x Pro Bowler and 3x First-team All-Pro -- his first Pro Bowl appearance came in 1992, his last in Green Bay came in 2007. He also had success as the QB of both the New York Jets and Minnesota Vikings following various retirements, but we won’t discuss those here.

  1. Bart Starr, 1956-1971

Oh look, another All-Decade level performer! This time it’s another past Green Bay quarterback in Bart Starr, the NFL’s “star” of the 1960s.

Starr was a winner: 2x Super Bowls (the first two) and 5x NFL Championships should highlight that. He never led the NFL in passing yards or passing touchdowns, but he did win NFL MVP in 1966 and led the league in completion percentage 4x times. He had a loaded team: he just needed to not make mistakes.

The Pro Football Hall of Famers ranks third in franchise history for most meaningful QB stats.

  1. Aaron Rodgers, 2005-2022

What makes current Jets QB Aaron Rodgers the best quarterback in Green Bay Packers history? Check out his lengthy CV (but ignore the number of Super Bowl appearances):

  • 1x Super Bowl, 1x Super Bowl MVP
  • 4x NFL MVP
  • 10x Pro Bowler
  • NFL 2010s All-Decade Team

Today, Rodgers may strike a chord amongst Packers fans content with Jordan Love. However, the 4x NFL MVP was practically Jesus in Green Bay for over a decade.

Parameters of Rankings

Rankings are made based on a combination of 1) individual accomplishments, 2) team success, 3) franchise legacy, and 4) personal accolades.


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