2024 Super Bowl Preview

What makes Mahomes shine in these moments/thrive as a rare underdog?

Bart Scott: Well, that's crazy, right? When you talk about dad bods, right? You think about some of the best athletes in the world right now.

When you talk about, what's build is better, what's born, you talk about a guy who perfected his craft. You talk about a guy who admittedly didn't understand what type of coverages was coming on and decipher which coverages and rotations are the safeties. And now like he's in his bag.

Most athletes get to this point around 27, 28 and that's when body and mind kind of meets, because early on you’re all athleticism, reacting fast, twitching. And then the game slows down for you. I told people before, I picked the Ravens to win of course, they were the better team, but experience matters.

You talk about the collective group that the Ravens have and the fact that when you look at Lamar Jackson, he looked super tight. He had that same glazed look on his face that we saw with Dak Prescott, had that same glaze look that he had with Josh Allen.

You understand that you got to be able to have a slow heartbeat when you're in a hostile environment. All the pressure was on the Ravens because they were the number one seed, best defense, one of the best offenses and the pressure wasn't on Patrick Mahomes, and for the first time in a long time, he was the underdog.

They were able to be calm and you look at the game, you see what side lost their poise. Van Noy, a guy who's had success with the Patriots. I believe he has a Super Bowl, but he lost his poise, right? You know, head butting and all the bad plays happened on the Ravens side, and I thought they lost their identity and they panicked.

Patrick Mahomes was able to sustain long drives early on. And that was just enough. Whenever you play in playoff games it's usually dominated by the better coordinator and the better game plan, and you have to try and adjust and hope you didn't dig yourself too big of a hole and I didn't think the Ravens dug themselves too big of a hole.

Todd Monken, who's new, back to the NFL from Georgia, panicked and forgot about running the football and what the Achilles heel of the Kansas City Chiefs was. He lost his mind. You can talk about panicking and not being able to live up to expectations. That goes for players and coaches alike.

You mentioned this...I was seeing the Ravens run five run plays, and design run plays on 1st down. As a former player, when you hear the opposing team, like the Chiefs, I think they were like 24th against the run…does that process in your mind and you go, ok, this is their weakness. How can we exploit that, knowing that the Ravens, their strength was running the football?

B.S: Well, you talk about averaging over 156 yards a game and not to give your running back an opportunity, that's because you panicked. Because you saw the defense didn't really have an answer. Couldn't really get off the field.

At one point, I think Mahomes was 11-for-11. So, when you don't have that, I think the team as a whole panicked, like, wow, we're not going to get this many possessions. We need to take advantage of them. Not in any game have you ever seen Lamar Jackson throw the ball 37 times. That's just not the recipe for success.

They went back to an old blueprint that at the time, the San Diego Chargers went to and putting 6 DB’s out there. Well, that should be inviting when you have a 300 pound full back then that that suggests that you run the ball and get play action over the top. They forgot who they were.

You heard John Harbaugh coming out at halftime saying “Hey we got to establish and run the ball.” And that's what happens.

That's why I always love Vrabel, because no matter what Vrabel-led teams are going to do, they're going to stick to their identity. If we're going to lose, we're going to lose being who we are. And that's what you saw when you look at the other side.

Dan Campbell…people can criticize his decision-making, but that's how he's lived and died the entire year. I can live with that as a team, this is what we do. I can live with that.

Sometimes you hit, sometimes you don't. But the Ravens going down, being a passing team, it's surprising to me. McDonald got hired today as the head coach for the Seattle Seahawks. But I thought he didn't have a great game either, because if I'm looking at that team, understanding that Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce eats up zone coverage, then why are you playing zone coverage?

I mean, [they] have $100 million cornerback. Now, I think he's lost his step when you talk about Marlon Humphrey, but I'd rather put the heavy lifting on him, then put the heavy lifting on my linebackers or a second-year player.

I know that the second-year player’s arguably going against the greatest tight end in NFL history. There with Tony Gonzalez, Gronkowski, and Antonio Gates. He's right there. As far as the modern-day tight end, he's a first-ballot Hall of Famer.

Why are you putting that pressure on the rookie? I'm going to say, this guy's not going to beat me and Patrick's not going to beat me. If I'm going to lose, I'm going to lose to Valdez-Scantling, and I'm going to lose to Rashee Rice. I'm going to put the heavy lifting to stop Pacheco with my linebackers that both made All-Pro and are Pro Bowlers.

Why wouldn't you bracket and double Kelce no matter where he went? These guys have played together for a long time. He's going to find a hole in the zone. It's not a typical route, he’s just finding holes. So how do you defend that if he just coming and sitting down?

He’s just playing against your leverage, and he has a guy [Mahomes] that he has non-verbal communication with and that's what you saw.

Then finally in the second half, they make the adjustments, but the damage is already done because not only did it affect the way in which they decided to play defense, it affected the way that they play offense because their offensive coordinator says, oh, we can't stop Mahomes. We might have to win a shootout…17-10 what are we talking about?

When you mentioned zone, a lot of people are screaming, why don't you go man? To me, just an opinion, but I feel like there are two quarterbacks that you really can't play zone with because they manipulate you well with their eyes and that's the guy that they lost to, Patrick Mahomes, and that's the guy that they almost lost to, got lucky in overtime, and that's Matthew Stafford.

He was able to dice him up on zone because he's able to manipulate you with his eyes. Listen, not every quarterback is like that. Not every quarterback can look you off and quick throw to the right side even though looking left. I agree, I think they should have adjusted, and they should have adjusted earlier. Go man, put someone on Kelce, bump him. Do something. Double him. But you can't let him run these routes because Patrick Mahomes is going to eat you up. And that's what they did.

B.S: Well, you can do both. You can play man and zone. You play matchups also.

Everybody else can play zone and you can lock a man on somebody and bracket him at the same. Just like we have complex coverages depending on the formation. You can play quarters and halves.

You can play quarters to the backside because if it's three-by-one on one side, you can do what we call either pack that side and then you can then you can halve the back side because if it's three on one side who cares about playing halves on the other side, it's only one receiver. And you have a backside linebacker or a corner and a safety. So, that allows you to do either.

What we used to do with the Ravens, if we felt confident we play it, you know, cover four to the front side and then the backside we would just say, OK, this guy doesn't exist. We'll lock Revis or lock Chris McAlister on the backside guy.

If that's Valdez-Scantling or if that's Rashee Rice…You have a $100 million corner, then you do that. Then all you have to do is you lock your backside linebacker on the running back. So, if he comes to the zone side, you man them. If he comes to the deuce side, what we call it, you man them.

If he goes to the front side you wait for something coming back, because that means four strong. Four strong to one side, means that you can let the first crossers go because he's going back to an unoccupied defender. So, it's things like that.

I thought the coordinators had picked a bad day to have a bad day. And they didn't make the adjustments once they saw what the adjustments was to Andy Reid.

They decided to go big, and they decided to go big because they knew with Thuney being injured, that it’s going to be difficult for them to hold up in pass protections. They went with these, well, we call it tiger personnel. Some people go with a number system. We go tiger jumbo.

It is basically two tight ends, and they know that most teams don't have the leverage blitz packages off of tigers, so it kept them out of their blitz packages. But also it allowed them to have big on big so that they can help to buy Mahomes time.

You saw Mahomes really didn't get any pressure on him, and you would think that they would with the team that had as many sacks as they did. So, that's why they didn't make the adjustments. And now, you have to ask yourself if you’re Baltimore, if not now, then when?

Next year, who knows? What does a healthy Aaron Rodgers mean to The Jets? Who knows what adjustments that the Bills are going to make? Who knows what a healthy Joe Burrow means with the division?

Right now, if you have to ask yourself if anybody proved that they can potentially be the rival of Patrick Mahomes, it’s Lou Anarumo as a defender, being able to defend Patrick and it’s Joe Burrow being able to match him throw for throw. So right now, we are we trying to find that Peyton-Tom Brady matchup.

The matchup, to me, may be Joe Burrow. We thought it was Lamar because we thought it was unfair for us to judge Lamar based on his playoff record because he was only in his first year as a starter when he won the MVP and he's been injured for two years.

Let's judge him now as he's matured and now he has receivers. I thought Odell Beckham didn't offer much to the game. Zay Flowers, young players do young things. Sometimes it's learning moments for him. But it shouldn't have been that sense of pressure because I don't think that they should have been able to put that many points up.

Ravens 2023 Season Recap - 2025 Super Bowl Odds and Predictions

Speaking now on the Ravens, How can they get back to the Super Bowl? Like you mentioned, the Bengals were out of it. A lot of injuries to the quarterbacks, like Aaron Rodgers. Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs aren't as strong as years past. You're losing your defensive coordinator, and as we saw with Philly when they lost both coordinators, they weren't the same. Where do the Ravens go from here?

B.S: Well, one, it starts with figuring out who's going to be the next defense coordinator, and maybe that's in the house.

Maybe that's Anthony Weaver, who knows the system, who was drafted with me, who was a teammate of mine, but also was a coach of mine when I was at the Jets and he was with Rex for a long time. Then he went to Houston as a defensive coordinator for one year and he's been interviewed for the Commanders’ job as well.

He's interviewed for that job, so maybe they do it in house, or maybe they decide to go and try to have a reunion with Wink Martindale and bring him back home. That's where it all started, right?

McDonald was underneath Wink Martindale. Maybe they go there. Maybe they decide to think outside of the box, but it has a start there. Then it's going to be tough because you think about Jadeveon Clowney is going to try and cash in on being able to have his best season.

You hope that Oweh and Ojabo can come back and be that 1-2 punch. I think they went out and got Van Noy because of Ojabo, with the injury coming from college, they got him despite the injury, but now they have to deal with the injuries. I don't know if it was the same injury, but they have to address that.

And then I think Patrick Queen has to graduate. Oddly enough, Patrick Queen didn't play the type of football that he played until Roquan Smith came and took all the heavy lifting and allowed him to just be an athlete, run and hit.

He's going to have to go somewhere and prove that he can be a lead man because you're not going to pay 2 inside linebacker $20 million-plus a year. But he's going to be able to command $15M to $18M because of what his resume looks like this year.

They're going to lose him. They're going to be trying to find maybe a supplemental linebacker. Maybe Kwan Alexander, a guy like that, who, before that case happened, was one of the best young linebackers for San Francisco.

People forget that he was one of the best and he's only like 29 years old, so they have to do that. But they got to pay Madubuike, which is going to be expensive. So, it’s time for the redistribution of funds in Baltimore.

At some point, you know, Lamar Jackson's contract is going to weigh heavy. $18 million hard on the cap for Odell Beckham. I think it's time for him to graduate from the program, unless he wants to come back at a massive discount.

He's not the player that we thought he was every time they tried to make him a big play. I can't remember any big plays that he's made this year. Maybe a 100-yard [game]. I think maybe you can get away with, going out and giving a guy like Tyler Boyd $12 million a year, who's been in your division, that understands how to make big plays and timely plays within your division.

I don't think they can go big game hunting, when you consider Calvin Ridley, Tee Higgins, even Gabe Davis. I think they have to go with somebody like a Tyler Boyd or somebody like that. We know that Hollywood Brown is going to be there, but that's two small receivers. When you think about Zay and Hollywood Brown. So, they have to address that.

It's a lot of things that they have to address. And yeah, at some point I have to have a conversation with Ronnie Stanley, because Ronnie Stanley is a $100 million guy and we're rotating you in, giving you plays off, giving you series off because of your knees. So, we got to have a conversation there as well.

It's a lot to be done and you know the Ravens can develop a lot of players. You look at defense, they developed a lot of players. Geno Stone, they're probably going to lose to free agency because he should be a starter.

It's a lot of pieces. Maybe they bring Chuck Clark back. That didn't help us out at all with The Jets. But because he got injured, you can use that against him and give him a one year, prove it deal and bring them there. So, they got a lot of work to be done.

Eric DeCosta it's equipped and good at doing that. Then decide what are you going to do at running back? Gus Edwards have earned the right to graduate. They want to try and keep him.

What's the status of J.K. Dobbins? He's up for a contract. To me, it looks like a Derrick Henry-type of team in my opinion. If you want to be the Ravens and a guy that also can do wildcat stuff.

You go sign a guy like Derrick Henry and ask him if he's ready to win a Super Bowl or try and win the Super Bowl and see if he's ready after coming off a lucrative contract, if he's willing to play for the right to win. Not disrespect him but give him good money, but not great.

Listen, he said it already, he wants to go to a place where he can win. Why not?

BS: Yeah, set up base, right? Set up base. You talk about a team that should have been playing for their third title in their history, which is only a little bit over, I believe, 20 something years. The Ravens came to existence in 1996. So, we're talking 27 years. Could have had an opportunity to have three titles. That's saying a lot as well.

What is your opinion on the play of Roquan Smith and where do you think he will fit in the line of great Ravens linebackers?

B.S: I mean, I think he's right there. He’s better than me.

CJ Mosley has proven that he's a tremendous player as well. He's next in line as far as the great middle linebackers that have manned that spot. He plays Ray’s spot, Patrick Queen plays my spot.

CJ Mosley played Ray’s spot, which is the spot that is supposed to be about production. The production is, the defense is surrounded to protect him, to allow him to use his smarts and his ability to strafe sideline to sideline, and he's proven the Ravens right.

That defense didn't get elite until he got there. Patrick Queen didn't get elite until he got there. So, when you think about it, I would put him there as far as his impact, I put it right there underneath CJ Mosley.

When you think about that Mike linebacker…I was a wheel linebacker. So, he's the Mike linebacker. Mike linebacker is supposed to lead the league in tackles and not so much sacks because they don't usually let that guy be the wild dog.

Usually, the wheel linebacker is the guy who gets the sacks and blitz. So, I think he's next in line. He did a great job in leading that team. But in Baltimore, when you compare it to Ray or in that lightness, you're ultimately measured by Super Bowls.

Looking ahead to Jets 2024 NFL season 

Biggest Jets questions this offseason?

B.S: They can't get caught empty-handed without a good backup quarterback. They thought they could rehabilitate Zach Wilson.

When you talk about Zach Wilson and you talk about the Aaron Rodgers experiment, before Aaron Rodgers got there, he hadn't missed a game in five years. And true to Jets recent luck, he lasted 4 plays.

Now you have to depend on somebody who was supposed to have a gap year. It's tough sledding, but they can't get caught. I think Zach's going to move on. They're going to find a place to send him.

Who knows, maybe he will replace Sam Darnold as a cheaper option in San Francisco. But you talk about what they have to do, it has to start with the offensive line.

Whether it’s the kid from Penn State. People I think are overstating Joe Douglas’ affinity or affection for the kid at Oregon State. Joe Alt is right there from Notre Dame, but that could be something that's trying to throw people off the scent, right?

People move up and get him, and then they go with Joe. Alt. I don't know how you pass on Joe Alt or the guy Fashanu from Penn State. I don't know if you're able to do that, especially when his comp is Joe Thomas and Tyron Smith. I just don't know. He's built like the D’Brickashaw Ferguson. But it has to start with the offensive line.

I always say draft one, sign one. When you think about the great offensive line that The Jets had, it was two guys that were drafted in D’Brickashaw Ferguson and Nick Mangold. Then after that it was built by two key free agents, when you think about Damien Woody and Alan Faneca.

Then it was anchored by a guy that they developed, a former defensive lineman in Brandon Moore. I think you have to be able to build it that way. They drafted two good ones when you think about Vera-Tucker and Tippmann. I think that they're good, but it's time for Laken Tomlinson to graduate. He didn't live up to the expectations and we thought he was going to play a lot better.

You have to consider he was playing next to the best-left tackle of the generation, so life was easy for him. He didn't have that same luxury when he came here, so you have to consider that. I think that you have to let him graduate.

Move Vera-Tucker back to his natural position. Quit moving him around. Don't let him be a tackle at all. Let him go ahead and play left guard right next to Tippman. Now you have two guys that are great at pulling from the left side. And you do those pizza blocks when you have the angles. You can pull the guard. You can pull the front side. You pull the center. But then you go and you look at guys like Kevin Dotson. He plays right guard for the Rams.

You go out and get him, you compete there. You got to spend money. So, you draft one and you buy one. That gives you four guys that you think that are an elite unit and then you got to hope that some of the other guys can continue to develop. You start there.

What people don't realize is, when Aaron Rodgers said “Hey, I need Allen Lazard.” Allen Lazard's a guy who’s never caught over 700-something yards during his career. He wasn't brought in to be a number two.

He was brought in to be a number three and be a great blocker, right? Be a guy that can get timely catches, a guy that had chemistry with Aaron Rodgers, at $11 million, which is not really a lot of money. It was a two-year deal for $22 million that was prorated over 4, so that it's a less of a salary cap hit.

People forget that Corey Davis was brought here to be a one before they drafted Garrett Wilson, but he's supposed to be a number two. He was a pretty good two, something he thrived at when he was number two to. A.J. Brown, right?

People forget that he just up and retired under contract. That was a tough hit. So, they have to go out and address that. The easiest thing to do is to trade a future [pick] because you have to go all in.

I don't care about second-round draft picks. If you want to trade your 2025 second-round draft pick and a conditional four to the Raiders to be able to get Davante Adams. Davante Adams has two years left on his deal.

The reason why I like the Jets trading for a guy like Davante Adams is because you can't go out and be in the Tee Higgins sweepstakes. You can't go out and be in the Calvin Ridley sweepstakes. You can't go out and be in the Gabe Davis sweepstakes. Simply because if you do that, that means you can't sign Garrett Wilson when he's up and eligible in two to three years.

If you're signing a guy that's getting his second contract, it's going to be a four- or five-year deal. It's the same conversation that they're going to have in Miami when Jaylen Waddle is up, and he's going to want $20 million a year.

You're saying I'm paying Tyreek Hill, he’s still pretty damn good. It's the same discussion they're going to have when it's time to pay DeVonta Smith.

We paid $20 million to A.J. Brown. So, the best way to do that is to bring a guy in who's in the middle of his career that you can trade for, that you trade for his contract that's not that expensive anymore. Because now all the front money has been paid by the Raiders and now you can be able to get Davante Adams for $17 million a year for the next two years.

He's 32 years old. He'll be 34 when that's over with, and if you want to sign him to a one year and keep them there that's fine. But 34 years old, that's probably the life expectancy, or the football expectancy of Aaron Rodgers, at two more years.

That gives him a chance to win the title for the next two years with Aaron Rodgers. As soon as he graduates out of the program, you can pay Garrett Wilson. The problem that the Jets have is, they've drafted well. The problem is they all come up at the same time.

So, who are you going to pay? Are you going to pay Sauce first? Are you going to pay Garrett Wilson first? Are you going to pay Jermaine Johnson, who by the time he's up is going to be an elite pass rusher. Right now he's a good pass rusher, 8 sacks.

Next year he takes the next step. What if he gets 13? The Ravens are dealing with this with Madubuike right now, right? It took him five years to become a dominant pass rusher at 13 1/2. So, Jermaine Johnson, by the time it's time to pay him…now you have three guys off from the same draft class.

Oh, by the way, if Vera-Tucker stays healthy and shows everybody that he's the most complete offensive lineman in the game. If he stays healthy, you may have to pay him top of the dollar. It's great and it's bad all at the same time.

This is the year that you go talk to CJ Mosley, you extend him and you lower his cap hit. The $15 million when they paid him was the bar. He was the highest-paid linebacker. Now that's around $18 million. You must talk to him and have some conversations and maybe start stretching some guys out a little bit.

That's a great point. If you're the Jets, you have to go all in, right? Rodgers only has maybe a year or two left. You can't worry about future draft picks. But you're right, Sauce Gardner and Garrett Wilson, they're going to want to get paid.

B.S: Yeah, a two-time All-Pro corner and a former Rookie Offensive Player of the Year. If he plays one year with Aaron Rodgers healthy, he's been getting 1,100 yards with bums, so if you add Aaron Rodgers there, that's probably going to be 1,700 yards.

That's going to be top of the market for both. Life's about redistributing funds, right? You hope that in two years when Aaron Rodgers retires you've developed somebody behind him or you go find a guy like Jacoby Brissett and you say, hey, Aaron Rodgers gets hurt, we're going to put you in a place that we can we feel like we can make you our Kirk cousins where we don't have to pay you top of the market but you have an opportunity.

For Jacoby Brissett his opportunities to be a starting quarterback in his league, it's over. So, come here, who knows, Aaron Rogers may get hurt. Then you'll be throwing to Davante Adams and Garrett Wilson. That's not a bad gig.

What happens is if you play well with these guys, we'll make you our Brock Purdy. We'll pay you some good money, not great money, because we understand we have to still build around you.

He's probably 30 years old, 32 years old. We'll hand you the keys afterwards and then we'll draft another young guy behind you.

Maybe the Jets draft a guy like Penix in the third round if he's available. If his medicals checkout you draft him and let him sit behind Aaron Rodgers and make him the third quarterback, and you have Jacoby Brissett.

If Penix shows, now you got a guy for five years or a guy for four years because you getting him out of the first round, that you don't have to really worry about.

How do you think Aaron Rodgers, 40, will play coming off an Achilles tear?

B.S: The Jets won seven games, right? I would think that if Aaron Rodgers was there, they would have beat Atlanta, they would have beat Las Vegas. I think his WAR is worth at least three wins. Three more wins the Jets are in the playoffs.

So, what are we talking about? I think Stevie Wonder can see that one. If they're able to go out and get some more weapons and upgrade, you’re confident that Breece is a dude.

If Breece wasn't on a pitch count early, I think Breece easily be a 1,000 thousand yard guy like Ricky Waters, like Roger Craig. He can be a 1,000 guy. He can be a 1,200 guy. I mean he damn near had 700 yards with no quarterback and being the only weapon.  So, you talk about…

The O-line as well.

B.S: That aspect too. That's what I'm saying. If you go draft one and buy one, I think Aaron Rodgers can be every bit that he's always been. I always laugh when people talk about Aaron Rodgers, he's 40. Not really in my opinion.

Is Jordan Love really 25? No, not really, right? How many hits did Jordan Love receive when Aaron Rodgers was there? How many tackles did he receive? So, ask yourself, how many tackles did Aaron Rodgers take sitting behind Brett Favre for three years?

Yeah, none. Right. You look at Matthew Stafford, he's younger than Aaron Rodgers…

B.S: More wear and tear. My point is there’s such thing as an old 40 and a young 40. He didn't play for three years. You can name me how long he's been in the league, but when you do that always subtract 3 from it. And then tell me how you feel about him. So, is this a 40 year old trying to be like Tom Brady. No, to me this is a 37 year old quarterback. So, we’re telling you that Aaron Rodgers is about to turn 37. How optimistic would you be about it?

He won MVP at 37, right? So, I'm taking that.

B.S: Right. Because when he was 37, he really was 34.

That's a great point. I think Jets fans should be optimistic. I think once he comes back, I think it's Super Bowl or bust…

B.S: Who's older? LeBron James or Joel Embiid?

I'm going to say Embiid. I'm a big Laker guy, so I got to stick up for my boy, LeBron.

B.S: Yeah, because Joel Embiid is beat the hell. Like I said before, Ahmad Bradshaw was the oldest running back I've ever seen in my life. He's 50 in his second year because of how he runs. When I see that, I see that for Pacheco too. Pacheco is a great guy, I understand you're running through there, running like your hair is on fire. They still hit. That's why Brandon Jacobs didn’t last too long. Did he?

Neither did Earl Campbell. It was beautiful while it lasted, but Earl Campbell only played six years.

2024 Super Bowl Picks and Predictions

Super Bowl pick. We talked about what Mahomes and they can out-coach anybody, right? We all know Kyle Shanahan is going to be ready and he's not going to do what the Ravens did. He's going to stick to what he's got and what he does best. That defense kind of started a little shaky these past two games. How can they get back [in form] and who do you think wins this game?

B.S: It's going to be tough, right? Remember the last time they played it came down to a throw here, a throw there. You know what I mean? So, you talk about a rematch. Now [Shanahan] has a more reliable quarterback, one that he feels can make the throw. Even though I don't know if he called bank-off of the face masks or not, but it worked.

It worked out in his favor. I’d love to see Kittle against Chris Jones. I think that's going to be a hell of a matchup because you know he'll stick his head in there. You know they'll run the ball and it's about how the game starts.

Spagnuolo is probably one of the best big game coordinators there is. I think he's so secure and happy in what he is. Why do we have questions about the Ravens? Because they lost their defense coordinator.

Why do we have questions about potentially Dallas? Because Dan Quinn could be gone. The quickest way to break down a dynasty is to steal the coaches. But those coaches don't want to go anywhere.

Spagnuolo, he's not even putting his name in the hat to be a head coach. Because of that continuity and consistency, packages can continue to grow because you have the same guy calling the plays. He's one of the best big game coordinators there is, so let's see what he has for the nuance and the complexities that Shanahan can have. But let's see if Shanahan can finish one.

We love this San Francisco experiment. It's beautiful. They win a bunch of games, but they haven't cashed in yet and you have to ask yourself, at what point are we going to start calling these guys, guys that just can kind of get there and can't finish?

I think Mahomes has shown that his experience is not too much. Brock Purdy struggled his first two games early on. They're going to have to get him off and get him going. McCaffrey is going to have to do special stuff.

That defense concerns me. So, if I had to pick, I would go with Kansas City. Not because they're a better team. They weren't the better team when they played Baltimore either. They don't beat themselves, much like a lot of those Patriot teams didn't beat themselves.

When you look at it, they weren't that good, but they were good in situational football and that's what big games come down to.

Either making a play or not making a play. Either fumbling the ball in the end zone on the 1 yard line if you’re Zay Flowers or not fumbling it. Not throwing the ball into triple coverage and taking the check down and living to fight another day. Or kicking the field goal if you're Dan Campbell.

It comes down to those decisions, right? I'm excited about it. If I had to pick and bet my house on it, I would go with Kansas City.

Most people will probably agree with you. It's experience. Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid they've been there. They've done it. They know what it takes. They don't fold, right? They know what it takes to get there. We mentioned LeBron James. When you're a champion, you know what it takes, and you're not going to make those mental errors in those situational spots.

B.S: The most disappointing group in all the playoffs, in my opinion, is the D-line of the San Francisco 49ers. Why are we paying $20 million to all these dudes, and we're not wrecking shop?

You look at Skipper. If it wasn't for Skipper last week, Penei Sewell was kicking everybody’s ass, including Bosa.

If Skipper wasn't out there as an extra tight end, he wouldn't have those sacks. Chase Young is getting railroaded on run downs and it's like, man, hold up, because next year they have to pay Chase Young because they gave up a first round draft pick.

You mean to tell me this is what I get out of a unit that makes over $85 million annually? Four guys. Nah, I'm going to need a rebate on that.

They have a chance to redeem themselves. You got the Super Bowl, come out and show up, because if you don't put pressure on Patrick Mahomes, he's going to do exactly what he did with the Ravens.

B.S: And it's going to have to be with four. And they're going to have to make sure that they don't allow him to get out of out of the pocket.

Mahomes, even though we know he has the dad bod, he is fast enough and crafty enough, like Brock Purdy, when you see openings, he steps up and steps out.

So, you're going to have to be disciplined within your path rush to make sure that if he steps up, he tries to run, that you get him down and keep him in a well, make him throw from a well that don't allow him to retreat and get angles to extend plays.

2024 Super Bowl Player Prop Best Bets

Who will score a TD?

B.S: Sounds like you're going to place a bet and if I win, you're not going to give me no percentage.

First touchdown, I think both teams usually come out tight when you think about the Super Bowl. So, it's going to be a couple of punts before somebody actually scores a touchdown. I probably would go with a guy like, either Deebo or Aiyuk.

The 49ers side. I like it. 10 percent if this hit. 10 percent, I got you.

B.S: All right, man, don't pay me in pesos.

It should be a fun game. Excited to see the Super Bowl and hopefully the Jets could do something this year where we're all excited here in New York.

B.S: You know the world is better when New York is winning because it brings unreasonable fans to do unreasonable things.

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