Inexperience can play a factor here and the Lakers can step up when it matters most behind their two superstars. 

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Lakers vs Nuggets Preview – NBA Western Conference Finals 

Who is your pick for Western Conference Finals MVP and why? 

Joe Vardon, NBA writer for The Athletic: My assumption is that the first two in the market for Western Conference Finals MVP will be Nikola Jokic and LeBron James, so I’m going to look for some value with Anthony Davis, who we all know is capable of having this type of impact in a big playoff series if he is healthy. 

I think the Lakers are going to win the series, and the way that happens is Davis outplays Nikola Jokic. It’s a tall order, to be sure, as Jokic has been the best player in the playoffs thus far, certainly from the Western Conference. It’s a gut feeling and then doing the math from both a value and stats perspective to make it work. 

Who is your pick to win the series and why? 

I picked the Suns over the Nuggets and was proven a fool – with some missing pieces at times, the Suns simply couldn’t handle the Nuggets offense.  

I am going to stick with the Nuggets disrespect and take the Lakers as outsiders here, because I think LeBron James and Anthony Davis, having gone this far, feel comfortable with their supporting cast and have won before – that’s imperative at this point. 

The only Nugget with a ring is Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, which he won with the Lakers in 2020, so inexperience can play a factor here and the Lakers can step up when it matters most behind their two superstars. 

Does Jokic secure the title of “best player in the NBA” if the Nuggets win this series? 

Yes, but he probably already has it or at least should.  

People will point to his relative lack of defensive skills, but whatever issues he has on that side have not manifested so far in the playoffs and the there’s no doubt that, whether it’s regular season or playoffs, he is one of the great offensive bigs the game has ever seen.  

We will see if AD can change that – that’s where this series can be won or lost. 

Excluding Jamal Murray, Jokic, AD, and LeBron, which role player will play a decisive role in this series? 

I think there’s two players outside of that group that can potentially have a massive impact on the result of this series, and because I think the Lakers will win, I’ll say Austin Reaves would be my first choice.  

If I was picking the Nuggets, I would say Aaron Gordon. 

Will this series’ winner win the NBA title? How would they match-up vs. the Heat/Celtics? 

I’ve been with Boston since the start of the playoffs and I won’t be changing from that now, so, for me, whoever wins this series won’t be winning it all. 

LA Lakers vs Denver Nuggets Odds – NBA Playoffs Future Betting Lines 

Series Winner: 
LA Lakers (+120) 
Denver Nuggets (–143)   

Total Number of Games: 
4 Games (+650) 
5 Games (+250) 
6 Games (+190) 
7 Games (+195) 

Series Total Games  
Over 4.5 (-1250) 
Under 4.5 (+550) 
Over 5.5 (-223) 
Under 5.5 (+155) 
Over 6.5 (+170) 
Under 6.5 (-250) 

Series Correct Score: 
Denver Nuggets 4-0 (+1100) 
Denver Nuggets 4-1 (+400) 
Denver Nuggets 4-2 (+550) 
Denver Nuggets 4-3 (+350) 
LA Lakers 4-0 (+1400) 
LA Lakers 4-1 (+1000) 
LA Lakers 4-2 (+425) 
LA Lakers 4-3 (+600) 

Odds are subject to change*

Lakers vs Nuggets Series Prediction and Future Picks   

Joe Vardon Picks:

Series Winner:
 Los Angeles Lakers (+135) – A.D. to play well against Jokic and LeBron’s experience to get them home and through to the Finals. 

Total Number of Games: 7 Games (+195) – This will be a tight series in my mind. 

Series Total Games: Over 6.5 (+170)

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