How to bet on soccer

Soccer is a hugely popular sport around the world, and there are many ways to bet on soccer at the Betway sportsbook.

The most popular market to bet on soccer is the Three-Way Moneyline, often known simply as the Moneyline. This is also sometimes known as a Win/Draw/Win bet. This is, put simply, a way to bet on the result of a soccer match, with three possible results. If a match takes place between Team A and Team B, the possible results in a three-way moneyline are a win for Team A, a win for Team B, or a draw/tie.

The result of a three-way moneyline bet is decided at the end of 90 minutes of play, which is known as ‘normal time’ or ‘regular time’. In knock-out matches which include extra-time and/or a penalty shootout when the match finishes level at the end of normal time, the three-way moneyline bet will be settled at the end of 90 minutes.

Another popular soccer betting market is the Over/Under, also known as Total Goals. This market is based on how many goals are scored during a 90-minute match.

Before the match, a total goals line will be set – often 2.5. Bets are then placed on whether there will be over or under that number of goals in the match. For example, an ‘over’ bet would require three or more goals to be scored in this case, while an ‘under’ bet would require two goals or fewer.

Many matches also include alternative over/under markets, allowing you to bet on a wider range of total goal outcomes at different prices.

Both Teams To Score is another popular soccer betting market. In a BTTS bet, the two possible outcomes are Yes or No. Yes means both teams will score a goal in the match, while No means only one or neither of the teams will score.

Aside from these, there is a vast array of soccer markets on which you can bet at the Betway sportsbook, including the first-half result, first and last goalscorer, how many cards will be shown, how many corners will be taken, and even how many fouls and offsides there will be. With so many markets on offer, make sure you place your next online soccer bet at Betway USA.

How to read soccer betting odds

Betting odds display the probability of an outcome and are written out in one of three ways on the Betway online sportsbook:

  • American/moneyline (e.g. +200)
  • Decimal (e.g. 3.00)
  • Fractional (e.g. 2/1)

These odds tell us the amount we will be paid out from a winning bet, but in slightly different ways.

American odds tell us the potential profit from a bet. The easiest way to understand how they work is to use an example:

Team A +130

Team B -150

The plus sign in front of Team A’s odds denotes that they are the underdogs in the match.

A successful bet will return $130 in profit for every $100 staked. If Team A win, a $10 bet will return $23, which is $13 in profit plus the $10 stake.

The minus sign in front of Team B’s odds denotes that they are favorites to win the match.

The bettor will receive $100 for a successful bet with a $150 stake. A $10 stake, meanwhile, would return $16, $6 of which would be profit.

Fractional odds tell us our potential winnings in relation to our stake. The number on the left-hand side represents the potential profit if we stake the number on the right-hand side.

For example, a $1 bet on Team A to win at 2/1 will return $3 if successful. Of those returns, $2 is profit and the remaining $1 is the bettor’s stake.

Finally, Decimal odds tell us our potential winnings inclusive of our stake. All that’s needed to work out the total returns, it to multiply stake by the odds.

For example, a $1 on Team A to win at 3.00 will return $3 if successful. Like the bet with fractional odds above, $2 of those returns are profit and $1 is the bettor’s stake.

The equivalent of 1/1 odds in a decimal is 2.00.

Soccer live betting

Live betting is also available on the Betway sportsbook, allowing you to bet on a soccer match during play.

You can bet in-play on the result, final score, total goals, next goalscorer and many more markets.

Soccer leagues to bet on

Betway offers a wide variety of soccer leagues with matches you can bet on.

English Premier League betting is extremely popular and odds are available for all matches on the Betway sportsbook. There are also a wide range of futures markets to bet on, including the Premier League title winner, teams to finish in the top four, relegation and the top goalscorer.

La Liga betting, Serie A betting, Ligue 1 betting and MLS betting are also available, along with many more leagues from around the world.

Soccer betting advice

For soccer picks and predictions throughout the soccer season, check out the Betway Insider. Our experts have years of experience in the betting industry, and post their picks and best bets for the biggest soccer matches every week.