What is the longest win streak in MLB history? The Tampa Bay Rays winning streak of 13 games in 2023 leads the way this season, tied with the longest undefeated streak in MLB to start a season, matching the 13 games held by both the 19887 Brewers and the 1982 Braves.

While it might be enough to claim the title for the most consecutive wins to start an MLB season, 13 games doesn’t come close to the all-time win streak record. Let’s look at the top 10 win streaks in the history of the game and the teams behind them.

What is the longest winning streak in the 2023 MLB season?

The Tampa Bay Rays currently have the MLB longest win streak in 2023 with 13 straight wins. The Rays are one of baseball’s best teams this season and surged out in front early in the year with one of the hottest starts we’ve seen in recent history.

The Cincinnati Reds have won 12 straight this year and the San Francisco Giants won 10.

Which team has the longest winning streak to start a season?

13 games also marks the longest win streak to start an MLB season, tied by both the 1987 Milwaukee Brewers and the 1982 Atlanta Braves. Both teams opened up their respective campaigns with 13 straight wins, claiming the title for the best start to an MLB season ever.

Which team has the longest win streak in baseball history?

The 1916 New York Giants hold the record for Major League Baseball’s longest win streak having won 26 straight games that season. That number exceeds the Cleveland Guardian 2017 record of 22 games in second place, and the Chicago Cubs 1935 record of 21.

There are only four teams who have an MLB win streak record of 20 or more games, with the fourth being the 2002 Oakland A’s, who won 20 games straight on the button.

The Top 10 Longest Winning streaks in MLB history

  1. New York Giants (1904)

Winning Streak: 18 games
Final Record: 106-47
Final Result: National League Champion 

The 1904 New York Giants led the National League in runs scored and the fewest runs allowed, firing their way into 106 wins and the pennant that season.

Interestingly, the Giants manager John McGraw and owner John T. Brush refused the World Series against the Boston Americans. The first ever World Series had taken place the year prior, but the Giants weren’t having any of it.

Fast forward 12 years, and the Giants accomplished a remarkable feat by setting a new record for the longest undefeated streak in MLB to start a season, spanning an impressive 26 games. To this day, that record remains unbroken, solidifying their place in history.

  1. New York Yankees (1953)

Winning Streak: 18 games
Final Record: 99-52|
Final Result: World Series Champions 

Back in 1953 the New York Yankees had one of their strongest streaks of wins. The team was led by the legendary Yogi Berra and the likes of Billy Martin and Joe Collins with Whitey Ford on the mound. They won 18 straight games while fighting their way to a championship.

The Yankees flew all the way to the World Series where they defeated the Brooklyn Dodgers in six games to mark their fifth consecutive World Series win.

  1. Brooklyn Beaneaters (1891)

Winning Streak: 18 games
Final Record: 87-51
Final Result: National League Champion

The 1891 Boston Beaneaters were a team of hot streaks that year. They won 18 straight games during the season and after falling behind the Chicago Colts in the standings, the Beaneaters won 25 of their final 29 games to win the National League Championship.

  1. Baltimore Orioles (1894)

Winning Streak: 18 games
Final Record: 89-39
Final Result: National League Champion

The 1894 Baltimore Orioles won the first pennant in franchise history after remarkable streaks throughout the season.

They won 18 straight games that season and 24 of their last 25 games to beat the New York Giants to the National League pennant by a single win. 

The 1894 Orioles team featured several future Hall of Famers, including Wilbert Robinson, John McGraw, Dan Brouthers, Hughie Jennings, Wee Willie Keeler and Joe Kelley.

  1. Chicago White Sox (1906)

Winning Streak: 19 games
Final Record: 93-58
Final Result: World Series Champions

The 1906 Chicago White Sox team had elite pitching, and as a result kept opposition batters from being able to perform more often than not. After surging to 19 straight wins the White Sox maintained the top spot in the American League and made it all the way to the World Series.

They faced a historic Chicago Cubs team in the World Series, setting up a fantastic rivalry with the team across town who had won a record 116 games that season. The White Sox prevailed and claimed their first World Series title, made all the sweeter by beating the Cubs.

  1. New York Yankees (1947)

Winning Streak: 19 games
Final Record: 97-57
Final Result: World Series Champions

The 1947 New York Yankees, managed by Bucky Harris were a dangerous team that season, winning 19 straight games. It remains the Yankees most consecutive wins in the MLB, and it led them all the way to the World Series.

They finished the regular season 97-57, led by the league MVP Joe DiMaggio, outfielder Tommy Henrich and first baseman George McQuinn. 

The Yankees would beat the Brooklyn Dodgers in the World Series in a thrilling seven game series. The season was made even more significant by being the first to ever be broadcast on live television.

  1. Oakland Athletics (2002)

Winning Streak: 20 games
Final Record: 103-59
Final Result: American League West Champions 

If you’ve seen the movie ‘Moneyball’, you’ll be familiar with the 2002 Oakland A’s. General manager Billy Beane adapted a new approach to building a baseball roster based on statistics and analysis of the numbers rather than star power and celebrity.

The result was rough to begin with, but as the season opened up the A’s started to win, and eventually won a stunning 20 games straight to lead them to an eventual 103 wins that year. That number remains their greatest season to this day, and they would change the future of baseball in the way that ball clubs constructed their rosters.

The problem was that the new approach only gave them an advantage for a couple of seasons. When the big clubs copied the approach the A’s quickly fell behind again, but the Billy Beane era and that 2002 A’s season are a key part in both Oakland baseball and MLB history. 

  1. Chicago Cubs (1935)

Winning Streak: 21 games
Final Record: 100-54
Final Record: World Series Runner Up

The Chicago Cubs won 100 games in 1935, a feat they didn’t replicate until 2016 when they claimed the World Series. That 1935 campaign started with one of the hottest winning streaks in MLB history, setting the tone for the year.

The Cubbies won 21 games in a row, marking their MLB longest winning streak. They were led by National League MVP catcher Gabby Hartnett who batted 0.344 that year with 13 home runs and 91 RBI’s, as well as Chuck Kleins 21 homers and 0.293 average from the outfield.

  1. Cleveland Guardians (2017)

Winning Streak: 22 games
Final Record: 102-60
Final Result: American League Central Division Champion 

The 2017 Cleveland Guardians, of course then known as the Indians, came into the 2017 season looking to make up for the loss in the World Series the previous year.

The 22 wins in a row were good for the second-longest winning streak in MLB history from a team that clubbed 212 home runs. Edwin Encarnacion smashed 38, Francisco Lindor had 33, Jose Ramirez had 29 and Carlos Santana 23. 

Unfortunately, the season came to an untimely end when they were upset by the New York Yankees in the playoffs. Still, Cleveland now lays claim to one of baseball’s longest win streaks of all time.

Did you know? Terry Francona worked his way up through the minors and the Dominican League. He managed the Phillies and Red Sox before becoming the manager of the Indians/Guardians, a club he has taken to the postseason six times. Check out who are the Top 10 Cleveland Managers of all time.

  1. New York Giants (1904)

Winning Streak: 26 games
Final Record: 86-66
Final Result: Fourth Place in the National League 

The 1916 New York Giants had two win streaks in the same season that both belong in the upper echelons of baseball history. Earlier in the year they had won 17 straight, and then set a new baseball record with 26 straight wins between September 7th and September 30th.

The record still stands today as the longest undefeated streak in baseball, four games clear of Cleveland in second place. The Giants were unable to win the pennant that year but made history with their remarkable streak during the regular season.

Did you know? Oakland’s 11-game streak began on May 17 with a 5-3 defeat against Arizona and ended on Memorial Day against Atlanta. Find out which teams have the longest MLB streaks ever. 

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