Whether you’re catching the game or burning off steam with friends, enjoying the sports bar experience is a favorite pastime across America, especially in a city like Columbus which hosts an ever-increasing rate of major league supporters. But where can you find the best sports bars in Columbus? We wanted to find out!

From the Bengals to Browns, Reds to Guardians, Cavs or Blues Jackets; whoever you support, we’ve got you covered. Considering an array of factors, we’ve been able to rank the top ten sports bars across the city. Read on to find your new favorite Columbus hotspot!

10. R Bar Arena

Rounding out the top ten sports bars in the city, we have R Bar Arena – located Downtown - with an index score of 2.923. Despite not yet offering sports betting facilities, R Bar Arena is loved among locals for its relaxed atmosphere, affordable food, regular happy hour specials, and convenient street parking.

Great for groups of all sizes, R Bar Arena is predominantly a hockey bar, with Blue Jackets supporters also the most prominent to feature across the bar’s Yelp reviews.

9. The Derby

With an index score of 2.937, The Derby offers a low-cost menu, impressive 4.0 Yelp rating, and on-site sports betting availability. Situated just outside the hustle and bustle of the city center, on West Broad Street, The Derby is great for groups of all sizes looking for an enjoyable atmosphere.

8. Classics Sports Bar

Found on South High Street, Classics takes eighth on our list of the best Columbus, Ohio sports bars, picking up an index score of 3.001. With a reputable Yelp rating of 3.5, Classics Sports Bar also offers a low-cost pizza and beer menu, TVs, regular happy hour specials, and sports betting facilities. It’s also a great setting for groups hoping to catch up over the big game.

So, there we have it, the ten best sports bars in Cleveland, Ohio. Hopefully, you’ve found this interesting and are ready to discover your next favorite location - or if you’re heading north, we’ve also ranked the top ten bars in Cleveland! In the meantime, head on over to the Betway blog for even more insight from our sport experts.

7. OH Pizza and Brew

Placing seventh with a score of 3.021, OH Pizza and Brew is far-and-away the best-reviewed venue on our index, recording a 4.0 Yelp rating from 436 customers – so fully deserving of acclaim as one of the best sports bars in Downtown Columbus.

OH Pizza and Brew is a popular hotspot for groups of all sizes looking for a relaxed setting, while street parking, affordable pizza and wings, regular happy hour specials, and TVs are the cherry on top. If the venue acquired a betting terminal license and offered sports betting, it would shoot up our list!

6. Roosters, German Village

A popular chain specializing in tantalizing chicken wings, Roosters takes sixth spot on our list, with an overall index score of 3.061. This is helped along by a reasonable 3.5 Yelp rating from 94 reviews, affordable food and drink, and sports betting options.

Located in the German Village area of the city, other highlights include sufficient street parking, TVs, free Wi-Fi, and a casual setting that’s great for groups of all sizes.

5. Half Time Tavern

Taking fifth spot, Half Time Tavern earns an overall index score of 3.214. And with low-cost food and drink, a reputable 3.5 Yelp rating, and sports betting opportunities for visitors, it’s no surprise that the popular bar ranks so highly!

But that’s not all – located in the Bethel Center off Bethel Road, Half Time Tavern is loved by locals for its casual setting, TVs, generous happy hour deals, and flexible reservation options for groups of all sizes.

4. Flatiron Tavern

Placing fourth, Flatiron Tavern receives a respectable index score of 3.225, supported by an impressive Yelp rating of 4.0, an affordable menu, and sports betting opportunities.

The best sports bar in Downtown Columbus to make our list, you’ll also find plenty of on-site and street parking nearby, while fans of all teams can expect a relaxed and casual setting, free Wi-Fi, and regular happy hour specials.

3. Zeno's 

Situated on the corner of West 3rd Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue, Zeno’s is among the best-ranking sports bars in the city, earning an index score of 3.340. This is based on the venue’s strong 3.5 Yelp rating, low-cost food and drink, and the opportunity for visitors to enjoy sports betting on-site.

A welcoming environment that’s great for groups and fans of all teams – with the atmosphere getting especially lively on Fridays and Sundays - you can also expect convenient nearby street parking, and TVs throughout the bar.

2. Woodland's Backyard

Ranking second among the best Columbus, Ohio sports bars, Woodland’s Backyard earns an overall index score of 3.489, largely aided by its 3.5 Yelp rating, low-cost food and drink, and casual setting that’s perfect for groups.

Positioned on the banks of the Scotio just off Grandview Avenue, the sports bar also offers arcade games, sports betting, on-site parking, and regular happy hour specials, and welcomes fans of all teams.

1. Gresso's

Gresso’s takes top spot among the best Columbus sports bars, with an impressive overall index score of 3.875. Located off South High Street, the bar comes straight out of the blocks with a valuable Yelp rating of 4.0 from 174 reviews, including a split of positive comments left by Cavs, Browns, and Bengals fans.

Offering sports betting facilities, Gresso’s is also favored for its practical parking, affordable food and drink – including a popular pizza menu - and lively atmosphere that caters to groups of all sizes. You can even reserve your favorite table for the best view of the game!


To determine the best sports bars in Columbus, Ohio, we first searched the term ‘Sports bars’ for Columbus on Yelp with the ‘Sports bars’ category selected. This returned all Columbus sports bars. For each returned venue, we considered six key factors:

  • The bar’s average Yelp score.
  • The number of reviews on Yelp for the bar.
  • The Yelp assigned price category of the sports bar.
  • The sports bar’s amenities score (considering the filters ‘takes reservations’, ‘casual’, ‘good for groups’, ‘offers catering’, ‘happy hour specials’, ‘free Wi-Fi’, ‘TV’, ‘street parking’, ‘on-site parking’, ‘best nights: Friday, Saturday, Sunday’, ‘open to all’).
  • Whether the bar is listed on the register of type C gaming licensees, and able to operate a betting kiosk.
  • The total number of Yelp reviews mentioning local major league sports teams.

Each sports bar was ranked and given an index score between 0-1 for each factor. Index scores were then summed to give each bar a total score between 0-6. Bars were then ranked from highest to lowest.

All data is correct as of 12/23/2022.

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