The popularity of NBA teams and players extends far beyond their performances on the court. Fans all over the world love to show their support by donning the jerseys of their favorite players. As the season unfolds, several teams have risen to the top in terms of jersey popularity. But which teams’ jerseys American fans are searching for online the most?

According to a new study by Betway, in the United States, Miami Heat jerseys are the most sought-after ranking first in 10 states. With an astounding 4,226,830 average search volume across the country, it’s clear that the Heat have a large and passionate fan base, as they have been one of the most successful teams in the NBA in recent years.

The Golden State Warriors are the second most searched team, with fans in 8 states searching for their jersey. The Warriors have been the dominant team in the NBA in recent years, winning four championships in eight years.

The Denver Nuggets are the third most searched team in the US, with fans in 6 states searching for their jersey more than any other team. This is likely due to the Nuggets' success in recent years and being the reigning Western Conference champions.

Here are some of the most interesting findings from the study:

  1. States that searched the most for their home team
  • Colorado - Denver Nuggets
  • Georgia - Atlanta Hawks
  • Louisiana - New Orleans Pelicans
  • Oklahoma - Oklahoma City Thunder
  • Oregon - Portland Trail Blazers
  • Tennessee - Memphis Grizzlies
  • Texas - Dallas Mavericks
  • Utah - Utah Jazz
  • Wisconsin - Milwaukee Bucks
  1. The Boston Celtics, with a significant 2,636,900 searches, maintain a stronghold in Massachusetts, epitomizing the rich basketball legacy that resonates throughout New England. The Celtics' green and white jerseys continue to symbolize the region's enduring passion for the game.
  2. The Utah Jazz and Denver Nuggets command attention in their respective states, Utah and Colorado, with 368,000 and 673,000 average annual Google searches each in the past 12 months. These teams' strong performances on the court have translated into significant online interest, solidifying their positions as regional favorites.
  3. The study also found that there is a significant regional difference in NBA fandom. In the Midwest, the loyalty to NBA teams is divided. Ohioans exhibit a strong preference for the Cleveland Cavaliers, highlighting the enduring pride in their championship win. Meanwhile, the Milwaukee Bucks dominate Wisconsin, signaling a resurgence of basketball enthusiasm in the heart of the Midwest.

Which NBA Team Jerseys are the Most Searched Per U.S. State in 2023?


In this whirlwind tour of NBA fandom across the United States, it's clear that each state's preferences are as diverse as the nation itself. These regional differences not only showcase the diverse nature of American sports culture but also highlight the profound impact that local identity has on the world of professional basketball.


The mean average monthly Google search volume of each NBA team and the word ‘’jersey’’ was collected for each state, for the past 12 months.


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