Browns vs. Texans Odds, Spread, Moneyline, Over/Under - NFL Wild-Card Odds

Moneyline: Cleveland Browns -130, Houston Texans +110
Spread: Browns -2 (-105), Texans +2 (-115)
Total: Over/Under 44.5 Points (-110) 

Cleveland at Houston Prediction and Pick

I think on the road they can be just as effective. But Stroud is coming back also, you know obviously that concussion a couple weeks ago, and he just played his second game after that concussion and he played pretty well. I'd be afraid of this rookie. But Cleveland is going to tote that pill and Flacco going sling it. I like Cleveland.

The Pick: Cleveland Brown Moneyline (-130)

Dolphins vs. Chiefs Odds, Spread, Moneyline, Over/Under - NFL Wild Card Odds 1/13/24

Moneyline: Miami Dolphins +195, Kansas City Chiefs -240
Spread: Dolphins +4 (-110), Chiefs -4 (-110)
Total: Over/Under 43.5 points

Miami at Kansas City Prediction and PickI don't see Mahomes losing in the first round. I just don't see Mahomes losing in the first round. You know, Miami is coming out there to that ‘who-he.’ It’s going to be cold as hell! So, you know, they're going to have to be ready for regardless of guys want to be tough me go out there and with no sleeves on and no shirts on and psychologically you can trick your mind. But at the same time, when a ball hit your hands and it's freezing outside, it still hurt.

The Pick: Kansas City Chief Moneyline (-240)

Steelers vs Bills Odds, Spread, Moneyline, Over/Under - NFL Wild Card Weekend Odds 1/14/24

Moneyline: Pittsburgh Steelers +375, Buffalo Bills -500
Spread: Steelers +9.5 (-110), Bills -9.5 (-110)
Total: Over/Under 33.5 points

Pittsburgh at Buffalo Prediction and Pick

I'm going to go with Buffalo here. They're going to stop the run. I know that these guys got here by feeding the ball to Najee Harris last week. I want to say they have 20-plus carries, like 120 something yards couple of touchdowns, so you're going to go into Buffalo trying to do that and they're not going to allow that. Buffalo are going to hit him. They're going to hit him. They're going to, you know, they're going to still be explosive on offense. They're going to score points. I like Buffalo here. I like Buffalo a lot here.

The Pick: Buffalo Bills Moneyline (-500)

Packers vs Cowboys Odds, Spread, Moneyline, Over/Under - NFL Odds Wild Card Weekend Odds 1/14/24

Moneyline: Green Bay Packers +275, Dallas Cowboys -334
Spread: Packers +7 (-110), Cowboys -7 (-110)
Total: Over/Under 50.5 points

Green Bay at Dallas Prediction and Pick 

Aye, for Jordan Love, you know, for his first year as a first-time starter, he's played fairly well They just got Aaron Jones back. That's a problem. That’s a problem. I like Green Bay here only because they just got back the best player on their team -- Aaron Jones. He just played last week. He looked great to me. He can catch the ball, he can run the ball. And Green Bay has a very opportunistic defense as well. They've been playing really well down the stretch. Dallas has been having a couple of issues. I like Green Bay, man. I like Green Bay. I know they're the underdog. But Jordan Love and Green Bay, I like him.

Rams vs Lions Odds, Spread, Moneyline, Over/Under - NFL Wild Card Weekend Odds 1/14/24

Moneyline: Los Angeles Rams +140, Detroit Lions -167
Spread: Rams +3 (-105), Lions -3 (-115)
Total: Over/Under 51.5 points

LA Rams at Detroit Prediction and Pick 

My personal opinion you're talking about, you know, the Rams who I think have a solid run defense. You know any defense with Aaron Donald is going to be a good run-stop defense. They're hitting on all cylinders. They got a thousand-yard receiver and a rookie that just broke all kind of records. Cooper Kupp is back and you know he's healthy. And that Kyren Williams kid burst on the scene out of nowhere. And I know that Detroit has a pretty powerful offense and explosive offense as well. Man, it's going to be a fun game to watch. It's going to be a really, really fun game to watch. But I just can't…I can't bet against Stafford. I mean, he just went and won a Super Bowl a couple of years ago, you know, like he's a good ass quarterback and so is Goff. You know, Goff took his team to a Super Bowl, but they lost, you know. I'm just stating the fact, you know. And man, McVay has been there, he's been there before. So, I like the Rams to go deep. He's a good back. He's a really good running back, a young kid too. It’s like damn bro, y’all lost Gurley and was in limbo for a minute and then boom. Yo, this kid came from out of nowhere. It's like he's probably going to be the starting back for a while. It's like kind of like how Pacheco did with Kansas City.

The Pick: LA Rams Moneyline (+140)

Eagles vs. Buccaneers Odds, Spread, Moneyline, Over/Under - NFL Wild Card Odds 1/15/24

Moneyline: Philadelphia Eagles -163, Tampa Bay Buccaneers +135
Spread: Eagles-3 (-105), Buccaneers +3 (-115)

Total: Over/Under 43.5 points

Philadelphia at Tampa Bay Prediction and Pick 

They can, they can go down there and do the job. I don't think they've been that successful with, playing against the Buccaneers recently, but that was because Brady was there. So that's different. Baker been playing lights out, though. He's been playing a lights out. He's been playing really well. I think he threw for like 3,000 or something like that this year, a little bit over 3,000 yards. I mean, he's playing well. He has a healthy team. Rachaad White been playing lights out for these guys. And that defense is always playing pretty good as well. I mean, they got to got snubbed out of a Pro Bowl, that safety Antoine Winfield Jr. He's a very underestimated player in the league. But I got to give it to Philly man. I got to give it to them. I think they go to Tampa and handle business. I really do. I think they go to Tampa to handle business and get back on track.

The Pick: Eagles Moneyline (-163)

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