The Caitlin Clark effect is real: fans are coming out in droves for every Iowa women's basketball game this season. They can practically rename the team the “Caitlin Clark Iowa Hawkeyes' at this point -- Clark is averaging an astounding 32.2 PPG in 29 contests so far, the best mark in the nation.

There’s a new Caitlin highlight with every game, such as her 49 points when she set the NCAA Women’s scoring record. Get used to it: women in sports are here to stay, and your newsfeed is going to be packed with Caitlin Clark news practically every time she plays from here on out.

How many points did Caitlin Clark score last game night?

Whenever any fan checks an Iowa box score, there’s usually one question on their mind: “What was the total Caitlin Clark points today?”

In her most recent game against Minnesota on February 28th, Clark had 33 points in just 29 minutes. Normal Caitlin stats.

Caitlin Clark All-time scoring record

Iowa basketball player Caitlin Clark set the all-time NCAA Women’s basketball record when she bested former Washington G Kelsey Plum’s mark of 3527.

On Sunday, March 3rd, Caitlin Clark passed LSU G "Pistol" Pete Maravich's NCAA scoring record of 3667 in Division 1. Caitlin's new all-time NCAA scoring record stands at 3685 points and that will surely stand for a long time. In fact, Clark closed in on former LSU G ”Pistol” Pete Maravich’s record by 18 points for the most in college basketball history.

Caitlin Clark Stats

Here are some mind boggling Caitlin Clark Iowa stats:

  • Caitlin Clark career points: 3685 (and counting)
  • Caitlin Clark points per game: 32.3 in 2023-24, 28.3 career
  • Caitlin Clark assists per game: 8.7 in 2023-24, 8.1 career
  • Caitlin Clark 3 point percentage: 39.5% in 2023-24, 38.% career
  • Caitlin Clark triple-double record: 17 career (the record is 26 by Sabrina Ionescu)
  • Caitlin Clark triple-doubles this season (2023-24): 6

About Caitlin Clark

Iowa’s Caitlin Clark is no longer just the best Iowa Women’s basketball player -- she’s one of the greatest basketball players of all time relative to her competition. She has the Hawkeyes poised for another tournament run a la Women’s March Madness 2023.

Her 2024 stretch run will cement her place in college sports history as more than just “Caitlin Clark Iowa Basketball player” but a “legend of the game.”


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