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The NBA is a multibillion-dollar franchise, with fans regularly spending huge sums of money each season to support their team. But with the NBA game day experience costing more and more each year, we wanted to find out how much fans of each franchise might be paying by 2025.

Analyzing the increase in price since 2018/2019, we’ve been able to forecast the incredible sums fans of each team might be paying for tickets, food and drink, parking, and jerseys in just a few years’ time. Read on to find out how much you’ll soon be paying to support your team!

The most expensive NBA teams to support by 2025


Comparing each team across the NBA, none will be more expensive to support by 2025 than last year’s Championship winning team: the Golden State Warriors.

In fact, the Warriors will have among the costliest single tickets ($153.13), beer ($27.04), hot dogs ($10.32), and parking ($58.22) by the mid-point of the decade, with the total cost of being a fan coming to almost $388.63 per game. Over the course of a season, that’s almost $22,000!

Next up, we have the New York Knicks, with the overall game day experience costing $379.40. This includes the most expensive tickets in the NBA ($191.84).

In third, by 2025, it’ll cost $312.53 to enjoy the LA Lakers game day experience, almost $50 more than city neighbors the LA Clippers ($266.01) – that’s a difference of more than $3,800 over the course of a full season. Meanwhile, in fourth, Boston Celtics fans will have to fork out almost $300 per game, more than those of the Milwaukee Bucks ($283.52) and Chicago Bulls ($276.37).

Ranking seventh, the Houston Rockets game day experience will typically cost $268.10, while the Clippers ($266.01), Brooklyn Nets ($261.04), and Dallas Mavericks ($260.39) round out the top ten.

At the other end of the table, the Memphis Grizzlies will be the most affordable team to support by 2025, with a single game day forecasted to cost $190.16 – four times cheaper than the Warriors - followed by the Charlotte Hornets ($195.45), Atlanta Hawks ($195.85), Detroit Pistons ($196.31), and Minnesota Timberwolves ($198.37).

Which teams will charge the most for each part of the game day experience?

We know which basketball teams will be the most expensive overall, but how does each stack up when we look at each element of the game day experience individually?


By 2025, the New York Knicks will have by far the most expensive single ($191.84) and season tickets ($15,731.23) – over five times more than the cheapest, the Charlotte Hornets ($33.61/$2,755.90) - while the Golden State Warriors rank second ($155.13/$12,720.34).

Meanwhile, the LA Lakers ($147.01/$12,054.47), Boston Celtics ($120.27/$9,862.14), and Milwaukee Bucks ($112.68/$9,239.52) round out the top five teams by predicted ticket price.


Ranking teams by the expected cost of a 12 oz beer by 2025, no team will be more expensive than the Golden State Warriors ($27.04). In fact, a single beer at the Chase Center will cost 50% more than the next-placed Boston Celtics ($18.03).

Rounding out the top five, a beer at the Denver Nuggets will be priced at $12.74, with the New York Knicks and Dallas Mavericks due to charge $11.34 and $10.80, respectively. Meanwhile, the cheapest beer will be found at the Cleveland Cavaliers, at just $4.

Soft drinks

Comparing the expected cost of soft drinks by 2025, no fanbase will be worse off than that of Miami Heat. At $8.18 per 16 oz drink, Heat supporters will pay 32% than fellow Floridians, fans of Orlando Magic ($5.56).

Ranking second, the Brooklyn Nets will charge $7.04, while the Golden State Warriors ($7.01), New York Knicks ($6.43), and Toronto Raptors ($6.35) round out the top five. At the other end of the table, a soft drink at the Charlotte Hornets will cost just $2.18.

Hot dogs

A game day hotdog is an NBA essential, and an important factor to consider when determining which teams will be the most expensive to support by 2025. And unfortunately for Golden State Warriors fans ($10.32), the Chase Center will be the only venue to charge more than $10.

The Washington Wizards ($9.94) and New York Knicks ($9.53) won’t be far behind, however, while the Denver Nuggets ($7.68) and New Orleans Pelicans ($7.68) complete the top five. Meanwhile, the San Antonio Spurs will offer the most affordable hot dogs, at $1.32.


For those fans who drive to games, parking is a key consideration when budgeting for NBA game days. And according to our research, Golden State Warriors fans are set to be worst off. In fact, parking for a Warriors game will cost an average of $58.22 – that’s almost $4,800 over the course of a season.

Next up, New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets fans will pay $29.34 and $25.73 per game day, respectively, more than the San Antonio Spurs ($22.50) and Portland Trail Blazers ($22.05). Meanwhile, the Detroit Pistons will offer the cheapest parking, at just $4.80.

It’s interesting to see just how much basketball fans will be expected to pay for the game day experience by 2025, but in the meantime, check out the latest NBA news in the world of sport.

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This campaign looks at which NBA teams have increased their prices the most since 2018/2019. From this, a forecast was produced to see the estimated prices for each NBA team in 2025.

Overall, six different factors were used within the data sets. The average price of a ticket, the average price of parking, the average price for a 12 oz beer, the average price for a 16 oz soft drink, the average price for a hot dog, and the average price of an adult jersey.

The percentage change in price for each factor between 2018/2019 and 2020/2021 was recorded and a forecast function was applied to determine the potential cost for 2025.

The season total cost was calculated from the price of 82 tickets, 82 hot dogs, 82 soft drinks, 82 beers, 1 adult jersey, and 82 parking spaces. The individual total cost was calculated from the price of 1 ticket, 1 hot dog, 1 soft drink, 1 beer, 1 adult jersey, and parking.