As the abridged 2020-21 NBA regular season winds down, take a look at who are the oldest players currently in the Association, as well as the most seasoned of players to participate in any NBA game. 

Oldest NBA players in 2021

10. Taj Gibson (35 years, 10 months) 

The New York Knicks backup center still continues to provide timely defense, energy and toughness for his hometown team. 

9. Chris Paul (36 years, 1 month)

The future Hall of Fame point guard has placed himself in some MVP conversation by turning the Phoenix Suns into a legitimate title contender.  

8. P.J. Tucker (36 years, 1 month)

The tough defending, corner three-point making, role player extraordinaire was traded from the Houston Rockets to the Milwaukee Bucks to help the latter franchise in the playoffs. 

7. Paul Millsap (36 years, 4 months) 

The veteran power forward may no longer be starting for the Denver Nuggets, but remains a key player for Mike Malone's title ambitious team. 

6. Marc Gasol (36 years, 4 months) 

Spain's greatest center ever continues to strive for another NBA championship to match his brother Pau with the Los Angeles Lakers. 

5. LeBron James (36 years, 6 months)

The ageless wonder still is considered by many as the league's best player, as the mega superstar strives for his fifth NBA championship and a back-to-back with the Lakers. 

4. JJ Redick (36 years, 11 months)

The competent shooter has Dallas Mavericks fans hoping he will produce for them in the upcoming playoffs.

3. Carmelo Anthony (37 years)

The newest member of the NBA top 10 scoring list, the multi-time All Star forward is key to the Portland Trail Blazers chances of a deep playoff run. 

2. Andre Iguodala (37 years, 4 months) 

Still going strong in his 17th season with the Miami Heat is this three-time NBA champion. But Iguodala isn't even the oldest player on his own team.

1. Udonis Haslem (40 years, 11 months)

The U-man continues to be a beloved figure in the 305, and is now in year 18 with the Heat.  

Oldest NBA players of all time 

10. Charles Jones (41 years, 30 days)

“Gadget” Jones played his last game in the NBA on May 3, 1998 with the Houston Rockets. 

9. John Stockton (41 years, 35 days)

The Hall of Famer ended his storied Utah Jazz career on April 30, 2003, losing to the Sacramento Kings in the first round of the NBA Playoffs. 

8. Herb Williams (41 years, 129 days)

A fan favorite with the New York Knicks, even if he barely played, Williams’ last game was June 25, 1999 during the NBA Finals in which the Knicks would lose to the San Antonio Spurs in a lockout-shortened season. 

7. Bob Cousy (41 years, 150 days)

The legendary Boston Celtic ended his phenomenal career with the Beantown team in January 6, 1970.  

6. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (42 years, 6 days) 

The Los Angeles Lakers icon would see the end of his timeless 20-year career on April 22, 1989. 

5. Dikembe Mutombo (42 years, 300 days)

The shot blocking extraordinaire Congolese-American saw the conclusion to his playing days on April 21, 2009 with the Houston Rockets.  

4. Vince Carter (43 years, 45 days) 

Mr. Half-Man, Half-Amazing, Air Canada is the only player in NBA history to play 22 seasons and four different decades. Carter would end his lengthy NBA journey on March 11, 2020.  

3. Robert Parish (43 years, 254 days) 

The Celtics Hall of Fame center’s final game was on May 11, 1997.  

2. Kevin Willis (44 years, 224 days) 

The clever, crafty Los Angeles native ended his 21-season, 23-year NBA career on April 18, 2007 with the Dallas Mavericks. 

1. Nat Hickey (45 years, 363 days)

It is a record that has lasted for 73 years. And barring LeBron James somehow pulling a Tom Brady with physically more taxing actions for him compared to the NFL QB great, Hickey playing his final game for the defunct Providence Steamrollers three days before his 46th birthday (and while he was the head coach of the team) looks like it will continue to stand for a long while.