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The person you do not want to be today is Chris Paul’s personal security liaison. Here are your choices: Go after the guy who harassed your client’s wife and kids yesterday, or leave things up to NBA security and hope that someone at the league office performs their job.

The league has a problem today that has everything and nothing to do with basketball, and how it shakes up could impact the Mavs-Suns series in a big way. Because if Chris Paul is dissatisfied with whatever the league does about Sunday’s events, there is no telling what the repercussions will be.

Yes, the Suns have a distraction today. And so do the Grizzlies, unless they are playing fast and loose with the injury reporting rules the same way the Sixers did a couple days ago.

The Grizzlies’ game notes listed Ja Morant as a starter this morning along with Desmond Bane, Jaren Jackson Jr., Ziaire Williams and Xavier Tillman. If true, then Taylor Jenkins is going with the same starting five that got waxed by 30 points in Game 3 against Golden State. But on Sunday the Grizzlies told reporters that Morant is likely out.

"He's got further evaluation going on," coach Taylor Jenkins said. "But from what I have been told, there is probably a really good chance he doesn't play tomorrow."

As a result, the line for tonight’s Game 4 is Golden State -10, the largest line we have seen in the second round of the playoffs.

But are the Grizzlies to be believed? Are they really going into a game that could make or break their season without their best player, especially in this day and age when training staffs and medical staffs can work wonders with creaky knees?

If we take Jenkins at his word, then we should bet on Tyus Jones to be the leading scorer and assist man for Memphis, as Morant’s backup is more than capable of leading the team. But if we take what Jenkins said with a grain of salt, we probably want to take those 10 points as soon as possible.

Information is currency, and the inconsistent reporting of injury news is a major problem for the NBA. Commissioner Adam Silver and many of his owners have partnered with a variety of sports gambling companies, but Silver’s fans are not getting a fair shake when it comes to knowing who is likely to play and who is not.

The Sixers were fined $50,000 for listing Joel Embiid as “doubtful” up until 30 minutes before tipoff of Game 3 in the Heat-Sixers series, and in the NBA a $50,000 fine is pretty much the cost of doing business if you want to keep everyone guessing. Only time will tell if the Grizzlies will get hit with a similar fine if they keep Morant’s status up in the air throughout the day today. The hope here is that he plays, because injuries knocking out the top players minimizes the appeal of these all-important games.

And as for Paul and what happened in Dallas with a fan harassing his family, it is safe to say we should expect Silver to come down hard on Mavs owner Mark Cuban because Silver needs someone convenient to blame. Also, Silver has to mollify Paul, a prior president of the NBA Players Association. The over/under on Cuban’s fine is $100,000.

We now have two series tied 2-2, and there could be two more in the same deadlock if the visiting teams can both win tonight. So let’s have a look at what looks appealing:

Celtics (+1) at Bucks: After Marcus Smart’s intentional miss was not tipped in before the final buzzer, Milwaukee escaped with a 103-101 victory Saturday. Many people believed the Bucks’ Jrue Holiday committed a three-shot shooting foul against Smart on the play that sent him to the line, but the league’s official report said Smart was not in the process of shooting, and the correct call was made.

Celtics fans will have to live with the result and the suspect explanation that the correct call was made, and whether they let it bother them tonight remains to be seen. As it was, the Celtics were fortunate to even be in that close of a game after Jayson Tatum scored only 10 points and missed all six of his 3-point attempts, a far cry from what an “elite” player is supposed to do at this late stage of the season.

Tatum’s point total over/under for tonight has been set at 28.5, which we counsel staying away from because he is simply not the same level of player against the Bucks as he is against the Nets, but he is most certainly capable of going over that number. And last we checked, this Game 4 is in Milwaukee, not Brooklyn.

The guy who carried the Celtics offensively was Al Horford, scoring 22 points with 16 rebounds and four 3-pointers. He has had double-doubles in all three of the games in this series, and his double-double prop line is +195, which we like along with Jaylen Brown’s double-double prop line of +385 after he had 27 points and 12 rebounds to make up for the deficiencies of Tatum (one lone rebound). Brown had consecutive double-doubles four times during the regular season, so it is not like it is unprecedented.

For the Bucks, Giannis Antetokounmpo is coming off a 42-points, 12-rebound, 8-assist game, and he is looking as ferocious and unguardable as ever. He and Jrue Holiday each took 30 shots in Game 3, and we should expect a repeat tonight because Khris Middeton is no closer to returning, and the third option is probably going to be Brook Lopez after he double-doubled with 13 points and 10 rebounds. But before you go playing Lopez to double-double at odds of +825, consider that he had his first and only double-double of the entire season Saturday, and he reached double figures in rebounds only six times in the 2020-21 season, twice in the playoffs against his former team, Brooklyn. Holiday double-doubling is far more likely, but at +315 it is not worth the wager, especially since he had only three assists last game as everything went through Giannis.

Because the Bucks won Game 3, we have a difficult time envisioning coach Mike Budenholzer altering his starting lineup. But the fact remains that starting two-guard Grayson Allen threw up a goose egg in Game 3, and the guy who started alongside him, Wes Mathews, is with the starters because he is a defensive specialist. Mathews scored only 3 points in Game 3, and the thinking here is that Coach Bud cannot stick with two non-scorers in his starting five forever. Time will tell.

The line on this one is Milwaukee -1, and the Bucks have gone 25-31-0 against the spread after a win, while Boston is 19-13-0 after a loss. So the pick there is the Celtics +1 (-115), and as far as the over/under goes, we counsel sticking with what has been working: the under (-110), which has hit in all three games.

Memphis (-10) at Golden State: Again, if you think Morant will play, grab the 10 points early today. If you want to wait and see, we’ll just say: If you snooze, you lose.

First things first: The Grizzlies have not been 10-point underdogs since Nov. 22 at Utah when they won 119-118 and paid off their backers handsomely by hitting at +425 on the moneyline. The Grizzlies have been rewarding their backers all season, and the thought here is that tonight should be no different, and the 30-point loss in Game 3 was an aberration. If you watched the game closely, the Grizzlies’ body language was terrible once they knew the game had gotten away from them. Also, after watching them make double-digit comebacks in the fourth quarters of three of their first round games, we are not doubting their resiliency, and neither should you.

Look, the Warriors have the experience edge and will have it against every single team they play. That is a given. But their 142 points in Game 3 was an outlier performance; the most they had scored in the regular season or postseason. They reached 130 only three times all season, the last time in mid-January against Chicago. It is up to Steve Kerr to make his team forget the ease with which they scored in the second half of Game 3 when they put 78 on the board. The over/under has been dropped by a point rather than being bumped up, which in the gambling world makes perfect sense because public bettors (non-sharps) will be quick to look for a repeat of Game 3 instead of an outcome like Game 2, when the teams combined for 207 and the under hit. So we counsel staying away from the O/U tonight.

As for player props, Morant’s status makes it difficult. He has scored 34, 47 and 34 in the first three games, and all Memphis player props were off the board this morning.

As for Golden State’s props, the one we are choosing to tout is Steph Curry to have a double-double (+435). He finished one rebound and two assists shy of a triple-double in Game 2, and he has enough shooters and finishers (especially the recently promoted Jonathan Kuminga) around him to reach double figures in assists tonight and make that prop pay off. Curry, Thompson and Jordan Poole are all capable of shooting lights out, but their over prices on 3-pointers made (-130 for Curry and Klay Thomson to go over 3.5 3s made; and Poole -135 to go over 2.5 3s made) are too short to do anyone any good.

Go ahead and take the Grizzlies and the 10 points (-110) tonight. The thinking here is that with the advances in medicine that are available to the Memphis medical staff, we will be seeing Morant sooner rather than later.