The NBA Draft is one of the most exciting dates on the NBA calendar where teams from across the league choose from the best young basketball talents in college basketball and around the world.

How does the NBA draft work?

The NBA draft features 2 rounds where each team gets one selection per round to choose from the top NBA draft prospects available. The order is determined via a combination of winning records from the previous season as well as a lottery system for the top picks. Teams may also trade picks with other teams.

NBA Draft History

In the early years of the NBA, the draft process was relatively informal and consisted of over 20 rounds. But in more recent decades, the draft was gradually cut down to 2 rounds in 1989.

In 1985, the NBA implemented a lottery system to address concerns about teams intentionally losing games to secure a top pick.

How many rounds are there in the NBA Draft?

The NBA draft used to be much longer than it is today.

In the early days of the league, the NBA draft had 21 rounds and teams typically just selected players until they decided to stop.

Then in 1974, the NBA capped the draft at 10 rounds before again shortening the draft to 3 rounds.

Finally, since 1989, the NBA draft has consisted of 2 rounds per draft.

What is the 2023 NBA Draft order

First Round: Picks 1-14

1. San Antonio
2. Charlotte
3. Portland
4. Houston
5. Detroit
6. Orlando
7. Indiana
8. Washington
9. Utah
10. Dallas
11. Orlando (from Chicago)
12. Oklahoma City
13. Toronto
14. New Orleans

First Round: Picks 15-30

15. Atlanta
16. Utah (from Minnesota)
17. Los Angeles Lakers
18. Miami
19. Golden State
20. Houston(from LA Clippers)
21. Brooklyn (from Phoenix)
22. Brooklyn
23. Portland (from New York)
24. Sacramento
25. Memphis
26. Indiana (from Cleveland)
27. Charlotte (from Denver via New York and Oklahoma City)
28. Utah(from Philadelphia via Brooklyn)
29. Indiana (from Boston)
30. LA Clippers (from Milwaukee via Houston)

Second Round: Picks 31-5831. Detroit
32. Indiana (from Houston)
33. San Antonio
34. Charlotte (from Charlotte via Philadelphia and Atlanta)
35. Boston (from Portland via Atlanta, LA Clippers, Detroit, and Cleveland)
36. Orlando
37. Oklahoma City (from Washington via New Orleans)
38. Sacramento (from Indiana)
39. Charlotte (from Utah via New York)
40. Denver (from Dallas via Oklahoma City)
41. Charlotte(from Oklahoma City via New York and Boston)
42. Washington (from Chicago via Los Angeles Lakers and Washington)
43. Portland (from Atlanta)
44. San Antonio (from Toronto)
45. Memphis (from Minnesota)
46. Atlanta (from New Orleans)
47. Los Angeles Lakers
48. LA Clippers
49. Cleveland (from Golden State via Utah and New Orleans)
50. Oklahoma City (from Miami via Boston, Memphis, and Dallas)
51. Brooklyn
52. Phoenix
53. Minnesota (from New York via Charlotte)
54. Sacramento
55. Indiana (from Cleveland via Milwaukee and Detroit)
56. Memphis
— Chicago (from Denver via Cleveland; forfeited by Chicago)
— Philadelphia(forfeited)
57. Washington (from Boston via Charlotte)
58. Milwaukee

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