Betway Big Pick is a free-to-play predictor game in which up to $5k is available to win each week in cash and prizes.

To enter, all patrons need to do is to register at Once signed up, patrons are automatically entered to compete in the standings with everyone else who has registered. Only one Betway Big Pick registration is permitted per unique email.

The game is completely free to enter. No wager is necessary and you do not need to deposit funds into your Betway account.

To play, simply navigate to the Betway Big Pick website, sign into your account and make your picks by choosing the teams you think will win each of that week’s 16 selected NFL, NBA, NHL or MLB games. Your picks must be made before the start of the first eligible game of the week.

Patrons who correctly pick the winning team in all 16 games in a week will win a share of the weekly prize of $5k, which will be divided between the total number of winning patrons. If only one patron correctly predicts the result of all 16 games, they will receive the entire $5k prize.

Winners will be notified via email, telephone or mail after the completion of the game week.

When you register for Betway Big Pick, you are automatically entered into the overall standings competition, where you will complete with all other patrons taking part. You can view the top performers via the Standings tab.

Each game will have an associated point valuation next to it, depending on how difficult the game is to predict. If you make a correct pick, you will receive all the points associated with that game. Incorrect picks and blank responses receive no points.

You can also enter private leagues to compete with your friends, family and colleagues. Simply open the Leagues tab and create or join an existing league. You can use a two-step process to invite friends via email, Facebook and Twitter.

Each private league will have a standings page, so you can track how you are faring against your friends and family. You can join an unlimited number of leagues.

Once you have made your selections, feel free to share them with us on Twitter.

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