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Don Moore has vowed to become the first man to beat Floyd Mayweather ahead of their fight in Dubai on Saturday.

Mayweather retired from professional boxing in 2017 after he beat Conor McGregor to extend his perfect record to 50-0. This meeting with Moore at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai will be the five-weight world champion’s third exhibition fight since his retirement, having previously faced kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa and YouTube star Logan Paul.

Moore, meanwhile, was an undefeated 18-0-1 as a professional fighter but hasn’t competed since 2016. The 45-year-old has never fought anyone close to Mayweather’s level, but he knows the former champion well, having previously been one of his sparring partners.

That history gives Moore confidence that he knows what it takes to beat Mayweather, and he’s promised to do so in an action-packed fight.

“I'm going to stay on Mayweather’s chest and it's going to be toe-to-toe action,” he says. “This is an exhibition, but he's trained hard, I've trained hard. We're going to give the fans a great fight, a great performance.

“It's going to be toe to toe in the center of the ring. Pure boxing. You're going to see similar styles. You're going to see ferociousness from both fighters.

“This is unfinished business - Floyd knows I'm a problem and he can be beaten like any other fighter. I'm humble but I'm also a fighter, so this is business not personal. “

Moore previously worked with Mayweather’s late uncle, Roger, the two-division world champion and famed trainer.

He credits Roger with preparing him to fight anyone, and believes that might be the key to beating Floyd on Saturday.

"Yes, definitely I can be the first man to beat Floyd Mayweather,” he says. “I have the blueprint. Roger Mayweather, Floyds' uncle, prepared me to beat anyone.

"My style of fighting and what I do in the ring, nobody has seen, because I haven't had that perfect opportunity to showcase my talent. But now I'm blessed to be able to fight in Dubai and showcase the talent that I have, showcase the undefeated fighter that I am against Floyd Mayweather in front of the whole world. It's going to be action packed. Don't go get no popcorn. Don't blink."

Moore isn’t stopping at promising a victory, either. The 45-year-old has gone a step further, assuring fans that there will be “blood, sweat and tears” in the ring, and that one of the two fighters will end te exhibition match on the canvas.

"We've been sparring in the past but sparring is sparring and this is a real fight. One of us is going to get knocked out. One of us is going to be bruised - there's going to be blood, sweat and tears in this ring.

"I've been in the ring with Floyd on multiple occasions. I just know how to beat him. Some days he had some great days against me and some days I had some amazing days against him. But this is not sparring. This is real live action boxing. So it's different when you take all the headgear, it's different under the lights."

Exhibition fights like this one have exploded in popularity in recent years, thanks largely to the success of Mayweather’s record-breaking fight against McGregor in 2017 (which was, in fact, a professional bout).

Celebrities like the Paul brothers have stepped into the ring and earned huge paydays for themselves and their opponents, with Logan’s meeting with Mayweather one of the most high-profile examples in recent years.

That bout went the distance – at least in part due to Paul’s excessive clinching – with no winner announced. But Moore insists that won’t be the case on this occasion.

"I have the blueprint," he says. "The most exciting thing about it is that I've been in the ring with him and I've been in camp with him day in and day out. So understand ‘Dangerous’ Don Moore has what it takes to actually be victorious over him because I know his style. I know what's coming for me. I know how to adapt. I know how to adjust.

"I'm no Logan Paul, so you're not going to be able to fight me like you fought him. I'm a boxer. However he brings it, I'm going to bring it right back to him."

Should he beat Mayweather, Moore already has his next fight lined up with the other Paul brother.

"I'm blessed to be in this position and I'm blessed to showcase my talent against one of the best fighters in the world. I'm not just fighting any other fighter. I'm fighting the best fighter in the world. So I'm really thankful. I'm humble. But I'm also a fighter. I'm also a winner. I'm undefeated.

"I would then like to fight Jake Paul in Nigeria. I'm focused on this fight first. But after this fight, I will show the world that Jake is just a YouTuber. He's interested in the business with boxing, but he's no boxer.

"I'm a real fighter. I'm a real champ and not pretend. Fight me. You're fighting other guys. They're not real boxers. You never fought a real boxer. So fight me. I want to fight Jake Paul and that's easy work for me. I want to show everybody that he's just a YouTuber, and that you can't play boxing."